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  1. Here's an irony. About 10 years ago I was able to chain together two pedals which I don't like, and go straight into a MD 8 track and get *exactly* the guitar sound I'd been hearing in my head for 14 years. I've never used either of these pedals regularly because I can't stand the sound of each individually. Has anybody else had this experience?
  2. I tend to think about the G400 as an 'SG Copy'. The G400 is clearly made to be an SG-like guitar, so I think that it's reasonable to want (and maybe even expect) that most of the physical, and hardware features will approximate the origial pretty closely.
  3. You're right. Thanks for the correction. In terms of the J-160 E's, I remember that John gave one to one of the Bee Gees (Maurice, I think), and I seem to remember that another one was stolen, so I wonder which one he and George swapped.
  4. Where are you all getting strings lighter than 0.11's? Any online sources?
  5. Sold my first electric (a Les Paul copy, by Columbus, which a friend had customized) to a friend of mine when I was living in the U.K.. That guitar has sat around for the best part of 20 years not being used, and I actually played it (unplugged) a few years ago. I have negotiated with my friend to buy it back from him, so I'm re-acquiring my first electric guitar. Also, although I sold my Ibanez strat copy just before I moved back to Canada from the U.K., by sheer fluke a friend whom I made shortly after I moved had bought exactly the same model, same colour, so I got that from him. Obviously I just can't part with a guitar permanently.
  6. I have a buzz on the E and A strings, which I haven't yet eliminated. I also have a strange kind of sound which only happens *sometimes* on the high E and sometimes B strings, which I can only describe as a kind of glassy sound; it's almost like there's a doubling of the sound of the string - it's not fret buzz, and it's not quite a harmonic, and as I said above, it only occurs sometimes (although it does seem to be consistent in that it happens when I'm in the 8-10 or 12 fret range.
  7. I would ignore the irony and sarcasm in your wife's remark, and use this as an encouragement and justification to buy more guitars
  8. It's definitely a right-handers' world. And I'm lucky that I do the minority of things (including writing) left-handed. I often wonder if I would have been more technically capable if I had learned to play guitar left-handed, because I notice that there is more flexibility of movement in my right hand. Let's take solace from the fact that a higher proportion of left handers are genii.
  9. I'd second Charlie B.'s vote of George playing the 'Hey Bulldog' solo for my favourite SG solo, with Angus Young for 'You Shook Me All Night Long' coming second.
  10. I'm 45, and not that great a guitar player, but I enjoy myself tremendously. In the last couple of years I have got up at a local coffee house a couple of times, and really would like to get a band together for fun here in Toronto (so if any of you are here....) It's interesting to notice that the majority of those who have posted here are over 40, with a couple of people being in their 30's.
  11. Wasn't the natural finish originally offered on a Casino only *after* John and George had theirs sanded down? If this is the case, then it's clear that Epiphone were offering the natural finish to resemble J. & G.'s guitars. And George's (really John's, but they swapped) doesn't display a hint of gloss in photographs (look at his photo of the guitar in the 1987 interview he did for 'Guitar Player'). If I'm right about this, then you'd think that the 'standard' natural finish would be some version of satin/matte, with a high gloss appearance being offered as a custom finish. Unfortunately, I like the high gloss appearance, and the sound of satin (because I'm presuming it looks pretty matte), so there's a lot of GAS that's been created for me from this thread because I never even knew satin existed before as a choice. Thanks, everyone :)
  12. O.K., now I'm really confused. I found this http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005JKGT/abbeyrdsbeatlesp?creative=125577&camp=2321&link_code=as1 via an old post. The comments (reviews) are from the early 2000's but the DVD seems to be more recent, because it mentions bluray, and implies that the DVD isn't out yet. However, when I went to amazon in the usual way, through my browser, and did a search on 'Let It Be DVD', I got the following http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=%27Let+It+Be%27+DVD which all look like boots to me. I know I should have learned by now, but this is getting me all excited and confused.
  13. I thought that George was against releasing it because of the bickering between him and Paul. He commented in several interviews that it was embarrassing for that to be seen, and how they were trying to have a fight off camera and off mic. I have an 'extra' DVD with my copy of the film, and I must say that it is a revelation. Even after the wonderful spirits of the rooftop performance, the bits that are shown in this extra DVD show the Fabs laughing and joking, and Yoko painting, and even singing with them. Now, anything can be done with editing, but these scenes do seem to substantiate Glyn Johns's claims that the sessions weren't all glum and painful. Be warned, though, if you get this extra disc, the video quality is HORRENDOUS, sometimes a total loss of sound, a bit of it black and white, mostly totally distorted footage. It looks like this was video footage that was copied, and copied, and copied for many generations. Also, the performances aren't very good (as with a lot of the bona fide film), but are fascinating (e.g. watching/listening to George develop his first 'Let It Be' solo). As an artifact that shows the Fabs having fun, within an otherwise very depressing context, this footage is wonderful. I can't believe they've vetoed the release yet again. I'm off to stick my head in a bucket of cold water.
  14. rpach10115, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. I had a very bad experience a few years ago buying an mp3 player on ebay from the U.K.. The seller claimed that he had mailed it, although his story smelled very fishy for various reasons. It never arrived, then the seller stopped answering my emails. I was just about to post a negative comment, about this seller, because he had previously (i.e. before things began to go wrong) sent me an electronic invitation to rate my experience with him, but then - wham - he closed down the accessibility to post comments about him (not sure if this is still in people's power when selling on ebay, but it was at that point. The only disadvantage to him was that closing down the accessibility for me to post comments was a global thing - nobody could post comments. And nobody could view them. All people could see was a star rating). Ebay was crap in terms of their response. They took no responsibility whatsoever for reimbursing me. Paypal, however, were brilliant, and that's how I got almost all of my money back. I think that they threatened to withdraw Paypal for his future transactions or something. Now, I never do anything on ebay without going through Paypal. No matter how good the deal looks. Even paid the rental deposit on an apartment through Paypal when going on vacation last year.
  15. I must say that I've been positively impressed in a huge way by the almost total absence of hum with my Casino. (It was Made In China in May 2008). Now, as I made clear in my review of the guitar, I am using a Roland Cube 30 amp, not a tube model, so things might be different with tubes. And I have found there to be a significant amount of hum if my T.V. is on (I had read here on this forum that monitors could be a problem - my T.V. is a CRT, not a flatscreen, so I don't know what flatscreens would 'do' to the hum problem). Also, as digger says, the angle of the guitar to the amp is crucial, too. In fact, I have found that being at an angle of about 160-170 degrees totally cuts out the hum when using the guitar.
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