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  1. Hi leicester35 I'm having a similar dilemma, although I think that I will eventually end up with an Elitist, regardless of whether or not I buy a Chinese or Korean made Casino now. I'd be very interested in hearing about the quality of the Chinese made Casinos. And is there a difference between the Chinese made Casinos and the Korean ones (i.e. would I be better off looking for a M.I.K. used?). I have read universally good reviews of the Elitists, and very mixed reviews of the M.I.K. Casinos. Also, quite a few people who have owned and tried both say that the Elitist Casino is much better sounding than the M.I.K. model (because of its construction), and that the parts (pickups, toggle selector switch) are far more durable. The Elitist is apparently also lighter (in weight).
  2. The information contained at this link talk about a "P90 USA single coil reverse treble pickup", and say that the other single coil P90 is a "rhythm pickup". http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Elitist-1965-Casino-518413-i1150025.gc
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem today which I don't think I've had before. I searched for a particular topic, and clicked on the topic title on one of the posts when the posts from that topic appeared on screen. I then wanted to post to the topic, and was unable to find the 'add reply' option. When I clicked on 'options', no option was visible that enabled me to post to the topic. This leaves me thinking that the only way to post to a topic which I've searched for and found is to go to the forum in which the topic was posted, and 'manually' search for it. I'm using IE 7.0.5730.11 if that helps. Can somebody help me with this please? Thanks, GVDV
  4. Thanks rotcanx, What's the format of the serial number - I don't remember how Gibson does it, so if it's the same for the Elitists then I'd appreciate you reminding me. Thanks, GVDV
  5. Hi, Are the Elitist Casino's still made in Japan (as opposed to the Made in Korea cheaper Casinos)? And how would one verify the place and date of manufacture? Are there serial numbers on the headstock (back) as there are for Les Pauls? Thanks GVDV
  6. Hi dBirchett, Biff, and Ron G, Thanks for your replies. Biff, can you say a bit more about flipping the magnets: do you mean flipping them so that the side that was facing into the guitar is now facing out, or turning them 180 degrees, so that the end that was pointing North (up toward the ceiling) is now pointing South (toward the floor)? Thanks once again, GVDV
  7. I've read the that feedback is a characteristic of hollow body electrics, and in conversation with a friend the other day was trying to work out why this would be. If the hollow body is amplifying acoustically, and the pick up (an electromagnet) is responding electrically to the string being plucked, aren't these separate 'fields' of sound which wouldn't affect one another? I would very much appreciate enlightenment about this. Thanks, GVDV.
  8. Hi Everyone, Thanks for your replies. I suppose the thing that had me puzzled was that I read in a couple of places about the reverse wound wiring, but also continued to read about the hum (especially in live use) in most cases. Maybe I'll ask the guitar store to talk with Epiphone directly about this, and order this configuration if possible. Thanks once again, GVDV.
  9. Hi, I'm about to buy an Epiphone Casino Elitist (can't make up my mind yet about the 'natural' or 'sunburst' finishes), and I have a question. I have read that *some* of the Elitist Casino's that people have bought have one of the P90 pickups 'reverse wound' (I think that I've read that it's usually the bridge pickup, and that the reverse winding acts as a hum canceller when the toggle switch is in centre position, i.e. when the guitar is set to use both pick ups). Can somebody clarify the situation for me? By this, I mean, do just *some* or all (or none, if this is the wrong info.) of the Elitist Casinos have reverse wound pickups? If only some of the Elitist Casino models have this - i.e., if it is an option - how does one choose this as an option? The people I talked with today in a couple of respected guitar stores here in Toronto had no idea about this topic, so I would appreciate any help that anybody here can give me. Many thanks, GVDV
  10. George Harrison for me. (And John and Paul, too). Despite what some others have said here, I contend that even George's early work was technically accomplished in that he played precisely and idiosyncratically. Even playing things like the 'She's A Woman' solo make you realize that he had his own way of playing, and it was always tasteful. He is the most economical guitarist I can think of - he gets in there, says what has to be said in a way which sounds like a different song in itself, and then gets out. I love that kind of playing. And it's the hardest thing to do in terms of guitar playing. The 'Help!' descending riff; the 'Ticket To Ride' riff (I know that Paul did the solo), 'Til There Was You', the fills in 'She Loves You' and 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'; the solo in 'All My Loving'; 'Something', the album version of 'Let It Be'; that amazing solo in 'The One After 909'; 'And Your Bird Can Sing'; the guitar 'bits' in 'Strawberry Fields Forever'; that exquisite backwards solo on 'I'm Only Sleeping' (who else had that melodic invention????); the 'solo' solos - 'Life Itself', 'Blow Away', and 'Life Itself', and the intro to 'Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)'....the list just goes on, and on. He came up with the most memorable solos and licks and riffs of all time, time after time. So, according to Geoff Emerick, he made mistakes earlier on in his career. Big deal. He got the work done, and it must have been in a very short time given the (initially) short recording sessions, and the need to rush off to radio and T.V. shows, film sets, and concerts. We know from live footage that George performed these solos and riffs many times over. From screwing up the immortal 'Help!' descending riff to perfecting it was only a couple of hours. Amazing. How many of us could come up with a memorable riff or solo, and have the definitive version of it down in a very short time? Jimmy Page comped his 'Stairway to Heaven' solo; does that make him flawed in some way? I once read somebody (Andy Babiuk, I think) saying something like, listen to Paul M.'s early records, and you'll hear how Paul's music was missing George on the guitar solos. Somebody else said that The Beatles were technically conservative and artistically revolutionary/marxist. I think that that says it all. I also really like Steve Jones as a guitar player, and find it a shame that he can't stand The Beatles. I always felt, during George's life, that somebody should pay tribute to him, but as Eric C. said, he probably would have been initially enthusiastic about a tribute concert and then turned contrary about it. I love that man, and I miss him. I only wish that I could have seen and heard him perform, and that I could have had a nice chat with him. And in terms of his contribution to the development of our culture (introducing 'world music' via his popularization and support of Panditji - Ravi Shankar), and of his songwriting - well, we won't even get into that. Just my 2 cents.
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