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  1. Totally off-topic, but that line reminded me of a funny blog piece about the "hermeneutical possibilities" in the Bon Jovi line "I've seen a million faces, and I've rocked them all". It's got graphs, and the comments are as funny as the article itself. http://laaazlo.blogspot.com/2009/01/bon-jovis-faces-seen-vs-faces-rocked-ca.html
  2. Thanks all for the help. I'm going to have to "hit the books" and learn more. I think I've decided that one way to do that is to keep the VJR and mod it, that should be a good learning experience. I think I'll eventually need an attenuator (short of getting a built-in like with that new Vox 4ADTVH or whatever it is or a BlackHeart) to play at low levels. For me $$ are the limiting factor. Before buying an attenuator kit I might pick up the Bitmo Trio kit. The former is probably what I need but the latter might give me some more distortion at lower volume levels and it seems like it ju
  3. Thanks for the info. I think I get the "volume as gain control", but I'm still not quite getting what say a simple Bitmo mod does exactly to a Jr (from a layman's pov). I thought I had somewhat of a clue on tubes, but I must not. I think I'm going to have to start from the bottom up learning how tube amps work and then look at some schematics. I'm not a dummy, really[blush] It's just one of those things I have a mental block about. I'm a software engineer; I guess physics is just to "real" for me Thanks again!
  4. Thanks guys. And now may I reveal (probably not for the first time here) my cluelessness? The Valve Jr has 2 tubes, a preamp and a power tube. The "breakup" of this amp is coming from the signal increase to the power amp tube when the volumn is turned up, correct? So are the gain mods out there (e.g. Bitmo) increasing/changing the signal to the preamp, causing it to break up, and thus allowing distortion at a lower volumn? Or are they effectively just distorting the signal like a standard overdrive pedal? Thanks for any replies, I have looked a bit and still don't understand this.
  5. Hi all, Has anyone bought one of the new Valve Jr. Hot Rods, or know anything substantive about it? I've seen (and am enjoying) the posts regarding the Sr., but am curious about the Hot Rod. I have a Valve Jr. head (v3) and 12" cab, which I haven't modded yet. One of my main issues is the thing has to get too loud before it starts to break up. I'm just wondering aloud whether I should offload the head and pick up the Hot Rod. I'm not afraid to mod it (although I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the possible most). But if the Hot Rod out of the box has some key features then maybe it's w
  6. I almost bought a '66 LE G-400 ($400) at Guitar Center before my wife upsold me to a floor model Gibson SG Classic ($800) (I felt a bit sick about the price but the wood and color looked better and I thought the guitar had better tone/sound unplugged, and I wanted to make my wife happy...). Anyway, I think the G-400 is a nice guitar. I had planned on putting GFS pickups on it from all the good reviews I found here (I think some of those folks are over on the wiki now). A lot of people had swapped out their stock G-400 pickups. I don't think anyone has mentioned this: why don't you take
  7. I like the silhouette, and the color-matched headstock is kinda cool. On first and second look though, that's about it (welll I like the fingerboard color but woulda put the fret markers on). I can't quite say but there's something about the pick guard that looks like a 14 year old drew it in in 6th period science class. Sorry, that's just my opinion.
  8. Have some fun Brad. I think it goes without saying that most of us have a bunch of favs. Just name one (or 5) of them. To go in a different direction than most of you all, both the opening and verse riffs from Bloody Sunday by Stiff Little Fingers are great (sorta late 70s punk Master of Puppets type riffs). I've been learning to play it recently, so it's on my mind. If you haven't heard that one (then you should!), N.I.B and Electric Funeral by Sabbath have Hall-of-Fame-worthy riffs. Super dark and heavy. Since this is a really Beatles forum ;), I'll mention the sparkly verse
  9. Great pictures. Thanks; I haven't been able to see a V1 before. But the second pic can only be a V2, as the V3 doesn't have the "I" and "O". zoom the pix here: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Valve-Junior-Combo-Amp-103236469-i1145291.gc So I guess with that we have pix of all 3 versions. Thanks guys.
  10. Hi, I have two questions regarding getting a Valve Jr. off of ebay. 1) How can you tell from the photo(s) it's a V3 and not a V2? Did the V2 still have the white I and O on the power switch? 2) Is it risky buying an amp used (vs. other things, I realize there's always a risk to buying from ebay)? Thanks. I'm not in a rush to get an amp (other than the GAS pains), so I want to see if I can score a Jr. combo cheap.
  11. The serial # is legit I think, UC means made in Unsung China factory, on March 2008. I used the guitar dater project website, http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx UC wasn't recognized, but according to our community's factory list, it's as I stated above. Of course all this just means that your serial # appears to be legit.
  12. Tried another GC, they didn't have it in stock either. I went and played a "normal" G-400 fresh out of the box. It was okay, the neck "squeeked" a bit when I bent notes. Not being able to see one in person, can anyone speak to how the heritage cherry of the 1966 compares to the Cherry of the standard G-400? Color, amount of wood grain showing? Thanks!
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