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  1. P-90s give you the "old school Tone" which is essentially a single coil ... Humpups can be a bit "much" sometimes , especially in the mids... All what YOU like really !!! Pups are easily changed ... if you know how ... My 175 has the standard hum pups ... sounds OK .. but the thought of a p-90 in the neck sure is interesting ... Jazz type stuff ...
  2. [ I also had a 52 LP , GT, P90s and trapeze bridge ... got it for 50 bucks at a pawn shop in 1965... Sounded WONDERFUL !!! Worn , so I sent it back to Gibson for restoration ... Only 200 bucks then (a lot of money at the time ) What they sent back was the guitar painted Black , with a regular bridge and mini humbuckers... They kept all the old stuff and pups ... That just just ruined it for me , although they did a SUPER job and it looked brand new, just never sounded the same with the new pups ... Be VERY specific what you want done ... !!!!!!! Otherwise send it to a GOOD luthier for authentic restoration ...
  3. Wonder if there are any gut shots of this amp ??? A peek inside ...
  4. Where can we find one of those Gibson Jimi Hendrix strats ??... we know they had a box load of parts ... would be even happy to get the parts for self assembly ... Who do we contact???
  5. Savage Croaker ... Tube Tone , Attitude , Not so loud as to scare the wildlife !!! I do like my DA5..
  6. One would think Epiphone would supply a replacement transformer to their service centers ... Is there a part number ???
  7. Sorry, but those reversed Vs just look DUMB!!! I've owned a couple Vs , even made one, but they're just as uncomfortable sitting down as they always were...When I'm gigging I'm standing ,no worries, but when I practice , i'm always sitting , that's when the V becomes "difficult"... and I'm ALWAYS practicing... The Moderne seems to solve that problem , and yet still retains the cool top part of the V... Guess if Gibson's keeping this in wraps , then I'll have to make my own... I even have some ideas to make it even more ergonomic...
  8. Why doesn't Gibson or Epiphone come out with an updated model of the Moderne ... It's always been a Holy Grail guitar for many and Gibson already owns the rights to it so they wouldn't have to pay any royalties to anybody's family... I know they have been trying some pretty silly stiff lately to increase their sales ... Jimi guitar , Zoot, Blueshawk ... I'd bet they could sell a whole bunch of Modernes if they offered one , especially with an updated regular headstock(like a flying V) .... They've always had this ace up their sleeve... wonder why they never even considered this WAAAAY too COOL guitar ... Think of a flying V that's comfortable ... I want one ...
  9. PS. Sounded pretty GOOD too ...perfect for a small coffee house gig ...
  10. Coll', got the amp , wrestled the back off (that glue) ... Wiggled a couple plugs in case of oxidation, cleaned the fuse (good) and plugged it in ... it Worked ... I did notice that the holes that held the amp chassis on weren't exactly lined up and torqued the chassis (maybe a source of the problem ???) Got the file out and enlarged the holes to fit , tightened , no torquing , so screwed it back together and Bob's your Uncle !!!
  11. Did they decide to make these or not ??? Anybody know for sure...
  12. FHcoll, Thanks for your reply !!! I'll take it apart and see if that Chinese schematic is hiding there .... hahahaha
  13. A friend brought me one of these to fix, lights up but no sound... Have to dig into it and find out what's going on , or not ... Anybody have any experience with these little amps ??? A schematic perhaps ... ???? Any help would be greatly appreciated , Thanks !!!!
  14. Personally, I think it's more about finding the tone you like(your signature tone) rather than trying to capture something from the past... Great Tone is where you find it, and a modded VJr can sound quite NICE through a good 12" spkr.,miked with a e609, for those LOUDER venues...
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