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  1. I thought the BB pups in guitars weren't potted but the ones you buy individually are.
  2. Best picks this side of mars. Acetal 1.0 and 1.26
  3. I'll agree the b5 is the way to go IMO. There are a couple vids on youtube on how to install. The b5 vid is with a tele but you just skip over the bridge installation and start with the bigsby install. I used that vid when I installed one on my old melody maker. It's pretty simple. Find the spot where the trem arm meets where you tend to strum; that will help you evaluate the best spot for ease of use. Make sure your alignment from bigsby to bridge to nut is straight with the string supplied. Measure 3 times and drill once. It's always a good idea to have a separate pair of trusted eyes and hands to help you out too. Good luck. It's a cool mod.
  4. Hey I'll jump on the late train. This one was at our show last weekend. And halloween a couple years back.
  5. rybass


    HA! I'm such a perv
  6. Hater. BJ doesn't actually play his sig guitar he has a few real '59's. It was just modeled after his originals. The Jr has a satin finish vs the thicker plasticote on the bja.
  7. If being envious of the Dio Fro manhair coat wearin pj mddle of the day sportin Jesse is considered hatin... then go ahead an block me because I don't know how else to live. AXE is sexy.
  8. You honestly don't want to leave a tube amp on standby for hours. It can cause cathode poisoning and issues with tube response and life. 2-10 mins on standby is all that is recommended. I'm not sure if it's causing your issue but for future thought don't leave it on standby for hours.
  9. Good music will survive no matter what. Bad music will fade out by one catalyst or another. Don't hate the catalyst, hate the musicians that made the genre suck in the first place.
  10. Gibson isn't overpriced. You pay for the quality.
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