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  1. I just bought a black one exactly like the one in Searcy's pics. Now i know it's the studio model. I paid 400 bucks at the pawnshop .
  2. Thanks Malchik, i also found a long thread about this at the gear page forum .
  3. Hi everyone. so i bought a black double-cut LP, the model with a single wraparound bridge/tailpiece. I'm happy with the guitar , but , the tailpiece sits at an angle on its posts, pulled by the string tension, and the top is smooth and rounded with no place special for the strings to sit. What is a great replacement for this tailpiece ? BTW, i paid 400 for the guitar !
  4. Well , thank you. now that you've explained it that way, i feel a little like " duhhhh "
  5. Hi, i also did the jimmy page wiring on an epi lp standard, there was one unintended result : with all 4 knobs pulled up, or engaged, thus.. split coils on front and back, out of phase, and in series , there was no sound coming out of the guitar.. this isn't much of a real world problem, since i probably wouldn't need that particular combination, but can someone explain what's going on there . thank you
  6. Well since were discussing the ds-1, i went to sell one of mine on craigslist , and started getting questions about japanese or taiwan-ese , they were willing to spend a lot more for the japanese version. can someone explain why
  7. Hmm, this may turn into a ' best dirt box " forum , my Keeley mod Blues Driver has been the most versatile and usable distortion pedal so far. That thing and an eq pedal = everything except mega metal distortion
  8. Say, istrumampgoboom, would you tell us whose sounds you like, and which ' vintage ' amp sounds you are interested in achieving, vintage like charlie christian , scotty moore , ventures, bb king, hendrix, early ac/dc, ???? what are you shooting for
  9. Tha hardware and auto part stores sell this stuff called LOCKTITE and THREADLOCK, theyr'e what your looking for. You put a drop on the threads before tightening, and it sticks to the metal way better than superglue and nailpolish
  10. What about the carvin bel-aire , affordable, 2x12, 4 output tubes , lots of good reviews...., and i'm with Hungrycat, X100b amps ROCK
  11. Well, i've found a way to deal with this, it's not perfect, and i'm sure the tech guys will tell us why this is rediculous and wont work, but it works to a point. i use a compressor with the level on about 8 or 9,, or my least distorted dirt box , a blues driver right now, with the distortion turned all the way down, and turn the level most of the way up, then turn down the guitars volume knob. i do this at home with a vibe pedal and delay, and it gets pretty loud , still reasonably clean, and , most importantly, my woman loves the way it sounds.
  12. Well. i own an 80's 50 watt jcm 800 , yess it gets too loud for the house, but it doesnt have to be, it has a master volume channel, which gives a decent distort for home use, but the clean channel turned up to about 7 with the guitar volume turned down is where the reaally cool sounds happen !
  13. What do you guys think about the humbucker sized p-90 style p/ups for this application
  14. HI, i've had this problem with a joe pass, it was the p/u selector switch. good luck
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