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  1. Stopped at Sweetwater: “Steinberger SST-109 .045-.105 Standard Gauge Double-ball Steinberger Electric Bass Strings, Non-calibrated” did NOT work. So do Synapse basses require calibrated strings themselves?
  2. Good to know! I'll be in Sweetwater's neighborhood today, so perhaps I'll have to make a personal visit ;) Thanks!
  3. In the middle of a gig, I discovered the hard way that off-the-shelf double ball end strings don't work on the Synapse bass I have (Rotosound ordered through GC: non-returnable). These are too short and don't taper to accommodate the (wooden) bridge. Steinberger's site offers gauges, but no confirmation of length. I prefer flatwound (which I have on my Hofner fretless) but would prefer a confirmed brand for spares. (I *do* use the SBE flatwounds, but the E string doesn't like staying out, regularly slides out) Thanks!
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