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  1. I can't say on the KT66's directly, but I do know that the 5881/6L6WGB, 6l6GC, 7581A, and EL34's will work. Right after I bought my BC 30 in 2006, I spoke with Pyotr Belov on the phone about the amp. While we were on the phone Pyotr plugged in a pair of 5881's, a pair of 6L6GC's, and a pair of EL34's and checked the necessary specs as he went (plate volts, static dissipation, B+, etc. - somewhere, I have the actual data, but I'd have to dig for it). All tubes were within the exceptable norms. I've only tried the 7581A's and the Tung Sol reissue 5881's in mine, though. I've been running the 5881's for almost 2-years now, and they've been great...no problems at all.
  2. ...and now for the wait... What's up with this forum? I had to re-register to sign in. It acted like I'd never posted here, took my user name and password that I had used previously. Strange...
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