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  1. Thanks jonny_2_owls, found the clip on youtube. So if Epiphone made the 1996 Knebworth guitar/ was it a speecial just for Noel Gallagher/without more pics info assume the Union Jack version was also made for him/ although it could be a 60's version modified. From looking at the youtube video, you can see the sides of the guitar are sunburst finish/mini humbuckers, frquensator all in gold & a manchester city logo on pickguard (pretty big)whjich doesn't appear to be on the pickguard at Knebworth. Has anyone been to the British Music Experience/has pics of this iconic Union Jack guitar??? Anyone got a 1960's sheraton?? we can see detailed pics of?? be interested at looking at the neck, from the front, and no it's nothing to do with NG thread!!!!
  2. In the 60's Epiphone's were made in the same factory in Kalamazoo as Gibson's, and the Sheraton was actually more expensive then the ES-335. What I want to know is where the Epi's actually made by Gibson employees? where the bodies/tops the same, why don't sheraton's have block inlays past the 15th fret. Did you have the option of a frequensator or stop bar? How does the Elitist Sheraton's/Riviera's compare to the 60's version -is the neck profile the same etc?? specs similar. In 1996 - Noel Gallagher was given a guitar by Meg Matthews,as a present. He was seen with a Epiphone Sheraton, with gold frequensator tail piece, gold mini hum buckers, fretmarkers all way down the neck, and a custom paint job, of a white neck,and the Union Jack on front sides and rear as used at Maine Road gigs, Manchester & on Top Of The Pops 'Don't look Back In Anger' & '*** On Feel The Noize' videos, where Epiphone producing a guitar like this then?? When did Epiphone re-issue the John Lee Hooker Models, and then when NG played Knebworth & Lock Lomond - he was using a similar guitar to previous but in Sunburst. Where these original 60's models/or made in the custom shop?? In an interview, NG said he lent his Union Jack model to a exhibition of British Pop, and was on display next To Geri Halliwell's Union Jack Spice Girls dress, has anyone got any pics of the guitar/close up pics?? i've tried to still the Maine Road gig, but the pics aren't that good/a bit hazy. Since Noel, inspired a whole generation of guitarists, and seems to have inspired a lot of people in the forums, by the pics/avatars - wondered if anyone had any detailed info??
  3. Twang,

    Believe you can make replacement scratchguards, I have an Elitist Epi Riviera with tortoiseshell pick guard, with like a dark cream around the edges - what that be possible??how much would they be - I live in england


  4. would the 1952 re-issue be of interest 4 the sheritan??

  5. Only just spotted your comment. I'm by Liverpool. England.

  6. AS90 where are you based?? it was an elitist sheritan similar to yours in blonde, but had a stop bar, so had thought of converting to look like yours.

    The starting price was $1000

  7. where's the Nick Valensi (Non elitist guitar) made - anyonegot 1 - to comment on??
  8. I'm interested in the Riviera's history. I own a 1983 Japanese model witha stopbar tail piece, Matsumoka model in wine red, and in the 90's recall seeing Riviera's with full size humbuckers & frequensators. When did Epiphone re-introduce the Riviera with mini hum buckers?? I know originally it was the 1960's. When did Epiphone move production to China?? I'm after a diff guitar to my 80'smodel, and fancy either an elitist (if I can find one) or a nice well made guitar. I keep seeing Cystom shop limited Chineese Riviera's and wondered where any made in Korea with the smaller pick ups?? Has anyone got a riviera elitist they might consider selling? what do the smaller hum buckers soundlike? Can anyone shed any light on these questions??
  9. Anyone have any give on the Nick Valensi (strokes) Elitist/ normal Epiphone version?? is the neck the same as a normal Riviera?? is it chunky/thin?? What strings to people use when using the frequensatortail piece?? I've heard the D string is sometimes too short and problematic. Is the finish polyester/nitro?? Any help would be appreciated
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