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  1. OK, I heard back from allparts re: schaller roller bridge: GB 0595-010 @ $45.00, however if your current bridge has 1/4" post holes it is not a direct fit. 1 /4" post holes = GB 0545-010 so my next question: does a Dot have 1/4" posts for the bridge? I know when I changed out the pickups the Epi pickup screws were metric.
  2. is it this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270285968736&fromMakeTrack=true
  3. thanks for the replies everybody. 6string, do you know the model number for the schaller offhand? thanks
  4. Do you know which one of the Wilkinson Bridges would fit a Dot with A Bigsby b700? I asked guitarfetish and they didn't know (odd). thanks
  5. The saddles are buzzing on the high notes on my Dot Studio so I guess its time to replace the bridge (original). I added a Bigsby a while back but the guitar stays in tune for about 3 uses so I'm curious if a roller bridge will help this. I've been reading about how certain roller bridges can cause a side-to-side motion with the strings which is not benficial. Any suggestions? thanks Max
  6. Hi epilover9568- Well, I soldered the grounded braid across the bottom of the volume pot and now it sounds pretty good (this is with only the switch and volume and tone controls pulled halfway into place in their mounting holes and one string on the guitar). So I guess that's the way to go. Not sure why it didn't work the other way. Now I've got the other pickup to do. That's going to be a bit of a challenge, soldering it's ground across the volume pot as well and getting everything into place. It was kind of tricky with just one, even with fishing line on the posts of the switch and pots. I also noticed that the volume pot got plenty hot when I soldered the ground onto it. I hear that's not good but it took a bit of solder to hold it. Now the big choice is what neck pickup do I want (since I don't want to be doing this again for a while!) I've got the 490R that matches the 490T (in the bridge) but I've also got a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90 neck pickup. I like the idea of the added versatility but I wonder if I'm going to get a bunch of hum because I hear Phat Cats are best run in pairs. Any thoughts on that? Thanks for the advice. I'll keep you posted. Max
  7. Hi Epilover- No, didn't work you. I'm going to try another technique...soldering the braided ground to the bottom of the volume pot. Will let you know how that works out. Max
  8. I actually did something kind of like that: I used a piece of wire from the old pickup, stripped, with heat shrink around it, which I soldered directly to the braid. I am hoping I didn't burn through the braid to the pickup wire underneath. But I'm going to try it again, with insulated wire. thanks for the info.
  9. thanks for the reply epilover9568 - I've got a dot studio with a 3 way switch and a single tone and volume knob for both pickups. The old Epiphone bridge pickup was wired to the switch in this way but had a different ground wire. I assumed the new ground had to be soldered to this same spot. But it's braided so not so... so where does the braided ground go? (you see I don't really know what I'm doing!) One thing I have learned is that it's not that hard to pull the pots and switch out of the guitar (even after losing one when my fishing line came off) many thanks Max
  10. So I bought a pair of used Gibson 490 Humbuckers and replaced the bridge pickup using the 'cheat' method (cutting wires and soldering straight to existing wires. Got a sound out of them but when I put everything together I got nothing. So I undid it, fished out the switch and pots and soldered the wires directly to the switch (3 way switch on this Dot). When I put it back (not screwed in yet, just the pots and switch sitting in their respective holes) I get a very poor low buzz and if I jiggle the pots and switch around I go in and out. Seems like the solder job is OK. I'm thinking it has something to do with the ground wire on the Humbucker - it's basically an external braided ground - which seems to short-out when it's not sitting right - perhaps touching something else in the guitar/harness? Any clues? BTW, if you're going to attempt using Gibson pickups on an Epiphone, you'll need Gibson pickup mounting screws (I used #3s for mine which I believe are standard). Epiphone screws are metric.
  11. So I have a set of used Gibson 490s I want to put in my Dot and I have two questions: a) I want to keep the orig. 490 wire in case I want to swap them out: this video shows how to save the wire by coiling it up: anyone tried this? I was curious since the questions came in this thread whether excess wire would affect sound also, what kind of heat shrink would I use on the wire itself (to the wire on the harness to the pots etc.) thanks Max
  12. Thanks, I've been reading about that one and the sound clips on musiciansfriend sound good. I've got a Marshall Guv'nor and am quite happy with that. I liked the sound of the EH Holy Grail but it seems quite a few reviews mention the EH units crapping out.
  13. Any recommendations for a good reverb pedal to run thru a tube amp?
  14. That's great news - thanks for the replies.
  15. Hi all- I'm new to this but wanted to try a different pickup in my Dot Studio which has a single volume/tone and a 3-way selector switch. I'm have a p90 for the neck for now to try it out (SD Phat Cat--humbucker sized p90). I stumbled upon this schematic -- http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2singlecoils1vol1tone1switch -- pretty close I believe. I wondered a) if it's a matter of wiring the pickup up to the 3 way switch and leaving the wiring to the pots as is? :- where does the black go? to ground? back of one of the pots? I think I understand the part about hooking up surgical tubing/dental floss to everything beforehand so that's it's easier to put it all back together but it seems as if this might be easier than I first thought. many thanks max
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