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  1. At least the ding was caused by a family member. I think that adds even more mojo actually, or so I've read.
  2. Thanks for the reference! That review seems to have a fair description of the neck, but are you saying the the LP uses the same neck as the 335? I'm not saying it would be greatly different, but if anyone has the actual dimensions at the 1st and 12th, that would give me an optimal reference point since I don't believe I'll be able to locate one in stores now. Of course, if the neck is the same as today's slim taper 60's neck, I suppose I could just head to GC and check one out on a current Epi or Gibson LP before I begin my shopping. Thanks again! Regards, Paul
  3. Hey guys, I've been lurking and learning abut the Elite/ELitist models, and I think I'm ready to start shopping. However, I can't find info on the neck carves for the Elite/Elitist models. DOes anyone have 1st and 12th fret numbers for them? Thanks! Paul
  4. That you guys don't offer he Standard Plus or Classic in the Midnight Black of the Ultra. The same goes for the Black Cherry of the Prophecy, or simply get rid of those silly inlays on the Prophecy and use the standard trapezoid or square inlays. The Ultra is useless IMO, that neck pickup is a gimmick, and the chambered body in contradictory to the reason why people by a Les Paul design. Just my $0.02.
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