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  1. They're really two different toys. But currently i'm in love with the harmony I can get out of 12 string one. However, lower end is not that strong as on ej200. all in all it's a perfect combo for any acoustic song now.
  2. and it plays amazing. plugged it to marshall acoustic amp and with a bit of reverb it sounds f***ing awesome! luv it
  3. And there she is (plays beautifuly, looks ace and is all in all nice addition to the collection): and there's one question: which factory is GG? cheers, Simon
  4. Hey there. First of all all of your pedals are sucking your tone. I'm not sure bout the particular ibanez wah you are using, but my dunlop cry baby is a total killer. To sort the tone well you should begin with a true bypass looper. This way you'll only root the effects you are currently playing. And of course follow the general rules of pedal chain.
  5. Ok so there's a white pickguard. Pickup covers takes too much time so ... cheers, Simon
  6. Just my attempt to drive someones imagination further cheers, Simon
  7. Hey guys, tried to make my own search which retured no results therefore seeking for help out there (I know one of you, epiphone libraries, will know the answer) : At first it looked like hummingbird, but the scratchplate is much bigger and the ornament is completely different. As well as that the trussrod cover does not give any clues to me... cheers, Simon
  8. it's a good point, about doing research, but you know, when someone doesn't do homework well, someone out here starts a new thread about how happy his/her day is to the current subject, there was a relatively old riviera on local gumtree few month ago and guy asked for £150. Well that made me so angry I wasn't the first one who found it :) oh well, **** happens.
  9. Hey guys, it's my birthday today so I've decided to treat myself with decent acoustic amp - Marshall AS50R. I would have never believed there's such a difference between electric and acoustic amps!!! Used to plug my acoustic to vs65r or valve junior whenever was playing with looper, but boy oh boy what a tone I've got from this baby today. It sounds so crystal clear that my heart is singing together with it!!! If there are any other guys who would like to share their experiences about it ... please do! and here it is:
  10. All I know that Epiphone uses metric knobs so don't jump on Gibson ones, they simply won't fit :D
  11. Looking at your avatar and presuming you like noel why not just simply get the best and go for LR Baggs M1A? Works for Noel, I bet it will work for ya too.
  12. love what you've done with it!!! just think amber bell knobs would look much more to the style of the whole guitar.
  13. Then go for rotosound country gold 12s. Amazing strings (used by the mighty Noel btw).
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