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  1. Want to sell it? Just kidding. Beautiful guitar! I hope you get some info on it.
  2. The headstock inlay makes me think it might be a B stock, but the missing neck binding bothers me, that and the fact that the label in mine says Dove Nat, verses just Dove.
  3. This new epi is giving me gas. Anyone know what the body dimensions are? I love the looks of this guitar.
  4. I have a MIC straight acoustic Dove. It was a bui guitar (bought under the influence) . I really meant to return it, as I didn’t need another “beater”. But this thing plays and sounds light years out of its class. Ernie Ball aluminum bronze strings took it to another level. I put it up there with my masterbuilts as far as tone and playability. I love it, and it only gets better with time.
  5. Stick a mirror inside the sound hole and shine a small led flashlight through the top. If the grains match inside and out = solid.
  6. I had to file the edge a bit on mine. Give it a bevel and it'll slip around the pin better.
  7. Go to your local music shop and ask them for a string winder / pin puller combo. It should not cost you more than 5$.
  8. I'll second both those ideas. They need another maple Masterbilt.
  9. What I want for Christmas... Kidblast's wife kicking cancers but!!!!
  10. All my epi's are M class (Maple & Mahogany) . They are inherently mid-rangey. The trebles are Jingley verses Jangley, which I would describe rosewood as sounding. I prefer Jingley.
  11. http://www.lmii.com/...arge-j-200-size
  12. They did at one time. I bought one from z sounds that was on sale to clear out the old straight acoustic version a few years back. I like it, but I've also heard good things about the Pro model. I think Epiphone may be trying to corner the market on affordable stage ready instruments.
  13. Probably not a bad price. I paid $325.00 for the same guitar about 8 years ago, but that included the MB case. An all solid guitar for that price is hard to pass up. Edit: 2005 was kinda the sweet spot in the MB line, IMO.
  14. Never played a rosewood Masterbilt I liked. Same complaint, too muffled and thin sounding to me. I do own 3 hog mb's and love them. To each his own.
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