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  1. Don't get excited, I clicked on the wrong button.

    Rock on...

  2. Looking at my profile eh?

  3. I got mine from "guitarpartsresource.com". Fit great, color matched original pickguard better than Gibson rings & the price was great. The flat bottoms would not fit my '89 GoldTop LP (serious top carve). Get 'em..... good luck!
  4. I'm sorry, I should have been more specific... I was actually wondering how many Bonamassas have been produced so far. Thanks so much for the info!
  5. While we're on the "Inspired By" subject, any info on the Bonamassa quantities?
  6. Awesome guitar! Nitro.... for sure.
  7. Owned a Valvetronix, AC30CCX, & AC30BM. No interest in other models (yuk!). The Valvetronix (2 X 12) was cool at first w/ all the effects & stuff but lacked smooth warm tone. The AC30 Custom Classic w/ Vox Blues was way better but you gotta have an attenuator cuz these are way too loud. Sounded GREAT w/ a LP or PRS! The AC30BM is my favorite of the three. Only one knob (volume) but to me this one had the best sound (but not by much). Great w/ LPs!!! Very clear sounding even at high gain w/ an awesome roar. I still own this one. The Vox sound is not for everybody. I love it! Honestly though, I'm more into Marshalls. Gotta try 'em... only way to judge for yourself.
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