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  1. Brilliant!!! I love it, congrats!
  2. You are correct (300). I forgot about that, mine had it's number hand written in silver sharpie on the back of the headstock.
  3. I had the ebony version. Great guitar. I kinda wish that I never let it go but it went on to fund something else.... It had the regular studio pickups. Not much new info that you don't already know. Regular studio specs... plus "Platinum hardware" finish & Ebony FB. Mine had a nice fat neck. Sniff....
  4. Can't wait for this disc to arrive! Aquired taste for sure, not for most... Anyway... I don't hear The Cult here. Is it just me?
  5. Thanks for posting the video. Brian May ROCKS!!! Great book for B.M. / Queen nerds... Lotta great noises from that guitar over the years! Deffinately worthy of its own book.
  6. Great song... the keyboards on live versions always ruin it for me. Never saw that video before...thanks.
  7. Check Amazon... New book on his Red Special coming Sept. 11th.
  8. Sitting at a rock concert on the main floor is wrong. Feels completely awkward. Kills the vibe... If ya need to sit, get in back or up top. But I'm talking about ROCK music, your definition of "rock" might be different than mine.
  9. I saw Don Felder open up for Foreigner & Styx a couple of weeks ago in Chicago. I didn't know what to expect... Accoustic set ?.. Solo songs I didn't know ?.. His set was KICK ***! Great versions of Eagles songs + Heavy Metal (cool solo effort I forgot he did). Tommy Shaw guested as solo lead on Hotel California (spoiler). I'd see Don Felder again. He was great!!! My son got to sing on stage w/ Foreigner that night BTW. WOW!!!
  10. Best series EVER!!! B*TCH!!! Great writing, characters & actors! Most addictive series I've seen. Walter White was Bad A$$!!! Bryan Cranston nailed it.
  11. Too many to list or remember. Been at it for a while now... Wait a minute... besides the obvious ones, I'll name a standout... The Darkness!!! If you like this band, they are kick azz live.
  12. Brian May! I never get tired of his playing or tone. No question... my favorite. If I had a gun to my head to pick 2nd & 3rd place... I'd go w/ that guy from Led Zeppelin, and the bearded one from Texas.
  13. Freddie Mercury! 70's Queen was the shizz!!!
  14. Well.... what was the cure? Sorry to be no help but I just found this post and was curious what the fix was. Thanx.
  15. He sounds like f***ing Ethel Mermon. Reminds me of Slash's latest singer Myles K. Love Slash & Queen but these singers ruin it for me. As far as range, there's none... all high. Both men can sing very well, I'll give 'em that, but I still find them un-listenable. O.K., after all that... I,m In! It's BRIAN MAY!!!
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