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  1. Hey all fellow Casino owners.... I'm toying around with the idea of getting a hold of a Janglebox for a Beatles project I'm working on. Just wondering, all you Casino players out there...are you using a compressor? If so, which one?
  2. Hey, check out my new Elitist Casino, and my year old Inspired by Lennon Casino:
  3. IBJL Casino: Masterbilt AJ500R (and my ex Casino)
  4. You know, I love compression when playing my 57 AVRI Stratocaster, but I've never really liked it when playing my Casino....made it sound TOO held back. Maybe I just never dialed it in right.
  5. Hey Casino Breathren! I know we all love our Casinos the most when we play'em clean....well at least I do. There is nothing like it. But when you guys want to add some dirt, what are you guys using? I'm trying to think of options for a new flavor. I currently play my IBJL Casino into a 72 SF Pro Reverb. For dirt, I use either a Menatone Top Boost in a Can, a BYOC Triboost, or a Dano Cool Cat Transparent OD. Let's hear what you guys are pluggin into!
  6. +1 on the 5 ply body vs 3 ply body - the IBJL feels and resonates SO much better than the standard. That alone was worth the price of admission for me - sold the MIK and got the IBJL. The finish on the IBJL is light years ahead of the standard as well. Nevermind where the pickups are made - to me, the MIK's pickups were always a little too hot - the USA Gibby pickups are juuuuuuuust right.
  7. I guess I should have posted mine - I plug into a 94 USA Blues Deluxe...but thinking of moving to a DRRI
  8. Title pretty much says it all - what is your favorite amp to plug that Casino into??? Wiz
  9. One more thing...after playing that badboy for about an hour last night, my fingertips were black as hell...what's up with the factory strings?
  10. Boy do I hate NGD posts without pictures...but here I am posting one myself. I promise I'll get some pics up tonight when I get back home..... At any rate, I got the deal of the century on this IBJL Casino - it was a blem that I was able to get for $679 shipped. The blem was a slight "haze" in the finish on the headstock, about an inch long...You'd have to be looking for it to see it. This replaced a 2004 MIK Casino that I sold about 2 weeks ago. All in all, it cost me $79 out of pocket! Now, I've loved my MIK, and it's been my #1 for some time...and I upgraded the hell out of it - new switch, jack, gold grovers - but there were just some "cheap guitar" things I could not get past - mainly the heavy amount of poly, and the 3-ply body. After playing a Revolution last year in a shop, the MIK suddenly just felt "toy-like" to me. No offense to the current MIK owners out there, like I said - I LOVED my MIK, but I just wasn't 100% there with it. With it being my favorite guitar, owning it felt like being an 18 year old kid driving a 6 cylinder Mustang, knowing all along that there is a v8 out there. OK, so enter the IBJL - All I gotta say is WOW. #1 - The Finish. Just like Telecoaster said in the past, you open the case, and your first thought is "man, they forgot to put finish on this"...it really does look and feel like bare wood. For somebody who disliked having all that poly, this finish is an absolute dream. The satin finish on the neck feels great too, almost like a nice worn neck...very smooth to the touch. #2 - Speaking of the neck....oh, no surprise here - Casino's are known for that sweet sweet neck, and this one is no different. #3 - The guitar just FEELS great - it's noticeably heavier than the MIK, due to the 5-ply body and this creates a great balance with the guitar. It's no longer SOO top heavy like my MIK was. It's very resonant unplugged and just sounds great! #4 - The pickups - The pickups were one thing I never even thought once about changing in the MIK - although maybe a tad bid hot for my tastes, especially when putting it down and pickup my 57 AVRI Stratocaster with some pretty underwound pickups in it, but they sounded so wonderful - Cleans like you've never heard. These pickups have the edge - they're seem like they aren't as hot, but still seem like they are hotter than your avg pickups. I played it on the bridge pickup last night, through a Menatone Top Boost in a can, and I got the perfect "Day Tripper" tone that made me say 'ohhhhh damn'.... All in all, I'm in love....oh, and the case is pretty damn sweet today, much better than the standard Epi case I had for the MIK. I will post pics tonight! Wiz in Orlando
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