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  1. Ok thanks for those replies. I guess that is the best plan. I thought of gluing it down but that wouldn't seem reasonable on a fine top like that. Thanks!
  2. Hi. I'm new to the Gibson forum and happy to be here. I do guitar repairs and have a small shop and I have a question about a lifting pickguard on a beautiful Songwriter 12 string. The guard was attached from the factory with what appears to be a double sided thin tape. The guard was lifting off around the edges and is made of a fairly soft, flexible tortoiseshell color plastic. I figured that it was not going to stay down unless I could flatten it. I removed it - it peeled off easily. I peeled off the sticky tape / glue residue and cleaned the guitar top with naptha. I cleaned all sticky stuff off the guard with naptha too. Then I put it between a couple of glass plates and then in my oven at 150 degrees F. for an hour and a half. I let it cool slowly. I thought it would flat and be easy to re-attach but NO! It immediately began to curl up again. Any advice on getting this guard back on is much appreciated! Thanks.
  3. I was lucky today and bought a used ES 339 Epi with a Natural finish. I love it and was wondering why it's pickguard does not have the big E on it? Also, unlike a new one at the store it does not say "Made In China" on the back of the headstock. I can't find any marks on the inside label or elsewhere that tells where it's made. Could it be an older one? If so, would it still have the same pickups as a new one? It does have Grover Deluxe tuners that look like Klusons but appear to be sealed. Thanks for any help!
  4. Is the Wilshire the one Steve Marriot is pictured with on the Rockin The Fillmore album?[/size]
  5. Could a stop tailpiece be installed on a Casino? I know a Bigsby will work fine. Thanks.
  6. I was thinking of trying plastic dogears. Shimming the Epi chrome dogears made a huge difference in the sound. They are too low for my taste as set at the factory. I am curious about other brands though.
  7. Can the plastic covers be bought separately?
  8. I have a 490 T but have not used it (got it in a trade). It reads 8.1 Kohm . Do they sound nice? The Alnico II should be smooth shouldn't it?
  9. They seem like a brilliant idea IF the tones are great from each individual setting.
  10. Thanks so much! I will go at it tonight BEFORE I crack open a cold brew.
  11. How do I get at the damn wiring? I was able to put in a new pup switch through the F hole but I broke the wire to the output wire ( I think) in the process. This is much harder than a Stat! Thanks.
  12. I ordered the GFS bridge and will look forward to installing that.Thanks.
  13. I fished out the pup wires because I thought they might be rattling against the back of the guitar. Then I took 2 small pieces of foam and wrapped it around the wires where I could reach. It was wrapped loose and a staple used to hold the foam together. The I pushed it all back in. I figured the foam would keep the wires from banging around. I was just checking the guitar out a few minutes ago abd it seems to be the bridge! When I push on the intonation screws it will stop. If the retainer wire was tighter it would solve it I think. Is there a certain Gotoh bridge that will fit this?
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