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  1. I wonder if for the $37 in shipping if it will be packed well so as not to endure any MORE damage....? stuff it in a brown bubble pack and stuff it in the drop box.
  2. Thats it....no more throw away pieces, I am going to post and sell everything on ebay. Anyone game...I have some old vintage rusty *** pickup screws from a Gibson once played by someone famous.... Hey, if you look close you can see the virgin Mary in that lower left corner....
  3. albeit, I play to test my mods. I mod to test my playing and I keep buying yeehaw because no one tells me not to.
  4. pics http://s536.photobucket.com/albums/ff326/vincolo1/?action=view&current=cindy001.jpg http://s536.photobucket.com/albums/ff326/vincolo1/?action=view&current=cindy002.jpg http://s536.photobucket.com/albums/ff326/vincolo1/?action=view&current=cindy004.jpg
  5. I am toying with a ZW that has a broken neck. Its a wash because the crack goes through the fret board, so a new neck is in order. The body looks in good shape, Serial checks out. What should I offer for the guitar? Asking price is $300 OBO.
  6. Apparently there are some BigsBy bold on's out there that will give you the Trem without all the hole cutting. Never used one before but in doing some looking around, there are many who have. Must have been a vintage thing....
  7. Unless someone knows of another way....here it goes. Get a router and template for the bridge....start cutting...when your done route all the way through the guitar and route a big hole in the back side for the springs. You'll basically put a big hole in the middle of your guitar, then search ebay for a used floyd rose trem system $100+-. Drill your screw holes and mount it. I guess the point I am getting to is that there are some guitars that already have this setup with much less hassle than its going to be to hack up a perfectly good LP. If your short on time, there is no short answer to getting this done. If your a Luthier...you could probably knock it out in a weekend, but a novice....a week at best cause your going to want to make it all straight and correct. I don't even know if hacking a big hole in the LP is even going to make it still sound like an LP....I would say for your time and effort, go buy a guitar with a Trem system already in it. honestly, you'll sleep better at night. Oh if you do not already have the tools....and the Trem, your going to be dumping half your money into the tools to do the job right...don't forget to have it setup professionally when your done...
  8. I wonder if the Fakes will follow suit......
  9. Hmmm, very good point The_Sentry. Take it back to basics....I have not done this in a long time, its always pedal on...max pedal settings and go from there. I'll try this tonight. your so right about a hole you'll never get out of. I feel that I am there...either my licks sounds are unappealing or they sound like some other lick sound I am tired of. So yes the reverse of adding more gear.....reset the gear you have and build from the bottom again. Another person just recently mentioned taking a weekday and taking over the amp tryout room at the local music store and try everything they have.....BYOG (bring your own guitar) and for their time at least buy a new set of strings or something to be fair. Thanks everyone....all advice has been great and now I feel like I have a new avenue to travel down and I am eager to get started. now about those college girls...!
  10. Good, so I am not crazy, I am not missing the train on trying to find this certain combo that makes all the effort worth it and I am not alone..... As I read the post strangely this quest for sound and for those who had it "once" sounds like a lot of college stories I have heard....."there was this one girl in college,,,lost her, but been looking ever since". I am searching for the open and air-y sound of Boston...late 70's. (well their sound didn't really change in the 80's)anyway, there are a few sounds I like, but Boston would make me happy and then again, there is this other side where heavily over driven, pinch harmonics and bends payed real fast provides a sound that comes damn close to "This other girl in college"..!
  11. No I am not turning my amp up too loud (is that possible..?) I am getting a headache from too darn many options.....the guitar, the pedal, the amp, the electronics, the pick, the hand motion, the cables, the type of speakers...good god man...... Then on the amp there are tones, levels, positions, volume, room placement and on the guitar there is tone, volume, wood type, pickup type, string type, fret positions.......its endless....... How long has it taken to get that sound you liked? Or are you still searching? and if you have "your sound" did you just model what someone else had (for equipment) and did that work for you...? at least I got one part of it right...the Epi LP because even if I never get the holly grail of sound, I am at lease certain that I am holding a guitar that could deliver it when the combination is correct.
  12. another good question would be how many budding bands play Epi's and how many over time got started on Epi until Gibson handed them a free set of Gibson's for fun.....I'd switch over..... I guess the same goes for movie stars, hand me a free car or high end watch and the company gets marketing support and the rest of us begin racking up credit card charges...... I know a few bands here and there and most of them can't afford the higher end stuff, but its certainly their goal..... Hell, who buys a Ford Mustang without mulling over the additional cost of a Mustang GT.....we would all have the GT if we could.
  13. doing that now on an Ibanez RG. It stripped very well with a heat gun...took some time so as not to burn the wood. But the time spent was well worth it. Next steps are filling screw holes and applying sanding sealer to flatten the surface out. After that this is going to get either a flame top or quilt top...I am going to order both and see which looks best. I'll post pics as I get further into it. So far my cost have been $40 heat gun $35 maple veneer (both styles) $25 for sand paper, wood filler and sanding sealer and foam brushes. add another $30 for varnish (nitro) so I should roll in under $150 for the project.....less than a hundred if you already own a heat gun and don't plan on topping it. Tried sanding but you really don't want to go there...too much chance for sanding down angles and coating your lungs with bad stuff. Oh do not wait until the heat gun bubbles the finish to remove it, just heat it up around 900 degrees for 15 seconds holding heat gun three inches from finish...only attack a 4 to 5 inch area at a time and you should be able to scrape it off with little problem. If the guitar was properly wood sealed then your removing the lacquer from the sealing and you should have a good result.
  14. ya my nuts are complicated too......
  15. again....question answered before I could hit the post button....you guys are fast...!
  16. will do....thanks. also had a setup done a month ago and had one of the pup trim rings replaced on the bridge Pup......the bell just went off in my head....duh.... I will follow your advice and do a little inspection and cleaning..... any suggestion on the best way to clean a switch connection if compressed air is failing (corrosion)...I remember using a pencil eraser on copper contacts as a kid on those AFX mini track cars....that worked well to clean them up but is there a more modern way to do a better job.....an eraser is not going to get all the little spots clean.
  17. I have a LP Studio that seems to have an issue with either the PUP or the selector switch. When the guitar has been sitting for a day or so and I fire things up with the selector switch on treble, this god aweful muted sound comes out. I can tap on the bridge pickup and get an intermittent rap like its not really making a connection or something. BUT, doing nothing more to the pickup I move the selector switch back and forth 5 or so times and she then sounds good as new. sometimes I have to repeat the process a few times to get things right. So my question is: Is there a cleaning needed for the selector switch and this is causing the Pup to receive / send muted signals or is it the Pup itself possibly with a bad connection or maybe just old and dying. The part that is throwing me off is the fact that the selector problem should present no sound at all if there is no connection, not a muted cracky sound that has no sustain to it either. But if the pup was bad, why would throwing the selector switch back and forth do anything to correct the issue. All other Pup selections sound just fine....puzzled...any suggestions thanks
  18. 41 here. Picked it back up again after 25 years..... cheers
  19. I torpedoed myself on a forum once. It was a cycle forum by which this long time poster started PMing me and wanting to virtually hook up. After some twist and turns I ended up getting Posting- Beat until I got banned from the site. Certainly a clicky group they were. I'm new here too and I have seen a lot of good stuff come from this forum. Top notch information, very knowledgeable group and lots of great advice. Based on the stuff I have learned here, I have really appreciated my Epi LP even more. I am buying another one and rebuilding another. In short, the information I've needed to understand and learn I have learned from this site. A big thanks goes out to everyone. .....first rate forum in my book :(
  20. I have constant guilt....I can only play one at a time.....buy them and then find out that they are no better than what I already had or that even tho they got good reviews...no one reviewed the one I actually bought. Luckily the Epi LS Studio is the best one of all and there is another on the way. 10 days away. I have Two Iban's: one being customized with a new paint and finish, one sitting as art work and the worst buy of all......1990 CF Martin Stinger ST-2. Hard to find good information on that one, but it got great reviews....mine is better left alone in the corner to simply represent the Strat style by looks only. Never stays in tune, sounds like crap. Spent $75 which is not bad but then again that is $75 that could have gone towards a Gibson LP...oh the guilt....!
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