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  1. Congratulations on a WINNER. Hope you get as much enjoyment and music out of yours as I have of mine.
  2. Happy New Year all from Beverly Beach FL.
  3. "Silent Night" chord melody "Oh Holy Night" fingerstyle Happy New Year all from Beverly Beach FL !!
  4. I run my 295 straight to the amp (with Goodrich volume pedal in line) for my jazz/swing work. I have always used Digitech (currently the 250) for my other guitars and country/rock/etc stuff as I prefer to use a variety of tones/styles/effects for that type of work. LOVE MY 295 !!
  5. I have used a GOODRICH for over 20 years. I haven't heard anything that would encourage me to switch. Mine has a buffer that compensates for lost tone etc when a volume pedal is placed in line. Before the Goodrich and since I started playing commercially 40+ years ago I used a Fender with the side by side tone control. I think Fender has recently re-introduced those pedals. Goodrich, and others, have introduced volume pedals which don't have the internal cables and stuff which would cut down an aggravation I supposed if you ever tried to work on it yourself. I'll just be keeping my old one.
  6. It's a great jazz box right out of the "box". My band mates love the sound as opposed to the other guitars I have used.
  7. "GUITAR PLAYER" magazine. It is also on line.
  8. keoki


    I have had mine for a couple of months and love it !! I wish I had bought one long ago.
  9. I find this forum to be civil and quite helpful. Wish I could contribute more but I am a new Epi owner, and loving it.
  10. Any advice/experience on bypassing the roller bar, i.e., over rather than under. I would think that bypassing the roller bar would mean less stress on the arch top. Less stress should be good. But I am a new owner. Thanks in advance for your experience and opinions.
  11. I think if you keep with it you will gradually adapt and excell in the band environment. It is different as you are working with persons of various skill levels and it can be challenging. Given that, if the members of your band are in it for any other reason other than to have a great band, as opposed to a collection of individuals, I would advise to continue with them for the experience but to continue to look for musicians interested in the band's product. You will still have ample opportunity to dispay your wares. I wish you luck and happiness with your music.
  12. Nothing but the BEST of experiences in my dealings with Sweetwater. My Rep is Steve DiMaggio.
  13. OH CRAP ! Now I have to restring
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