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  1. My First Guitar a Teisco E-100 , Replaced two years ago with an attic find (new in box). A Red Hagstrom I, Replaced a couple off months ago. A Teisco V2, Can't find a replacement for this one and it's driving me nuts,
  2. +1 Did my the sane to my FT-135 I bought in 75, it had been unplayable now it's great.
  3. My 1939 Zenith "History". http://img829.images...phonezenith.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Here are some pics of my little PR4E, she didn't have a name till my buddy Dr. Blendo worked his Mojo. Now she is known as Little Miss Mojo.
  5. Great thread, here we go yes we are a nostalgia band. Just like being at the Holiday Inn 1972 isn't it, well except for the grey hair. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. HNGD and welcome to the family[biggrin]
  7. Hi Warpix I've owned an FT-135 since I bought it new in 1975. It's been a great guitar, the price is a little high for the guitar in question. That's about what I paid for mine new. They popup on ebay for about $75.00 a couple of times a year. They are almost impossible to find parts for (the bridge in particular) a larger bridge is the way to go. As a bit of caution check the neck block they have a tendency to come unglued. It's a fairly easy fix, but not for the money you'd be paying. Look at the the PR4E pack, about the same price and you gain an electric acoustic (love mine) with a
  8. Love my LP-100, stands up to my Epi Studio well. Yeah I know, but it's a bolt on neck...Ehhh so is my Strat :) The pickups should be Alnicos and mine are hot as he**. Mine is Heritage Cherry Burst and I love it, but different strokes, but cheer up the Studio is Ebony. Play it till your fingers bleed you'll love it.
  9. I love this thread, that Guyatone is "SWEET" Plus pics of RY, life is good[biggrin] [biggrin]
  10. Yep Teisco Gold Foil, ahhh guitar porn in the early morning[biggrin] Hi Midi, Gadunz is that your Teisco (SWEET)
  11. Just the Epi Family LP 100 LP Studio Dot Studio LP JR (Stock) LP JR (Modded to the Max) 1939 Zenith FT-135 PR 4E
  12. A sweet little PR 4E Acoustic electric, and a couple of custom embroidered guitar straps (for the Yoda Project), a new glass slide, a Wings Gig Bag, and a very cool old hard shell case with tons of battle scars and Mojo. Saving it for the new Strat that's on back order. I think that's about all the guitar stuff.
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