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  1. Welcome to the group 1stGuitar. Hope you enjoy it here, and gain a little knowledge and a few smiles while you're at it. Try not to get confused with the USA-China-Korea-Indochina thing. EVERYBODY tends to think their guitar is better than the others. They all make good guitars and they all have had some clunkers. Find a guitar that looks and plays well for you. Then check to see when or where it was made. Epiphone has been around for a long time and their guitars are usually pretty well made where ever they were made. Of course if you like to sniff corks, none of the above will apply. I don't own a Wildkat and so can't comment directly about them but they seem to have a pretty good reputation. Checking Reverb for used prices, it looks like a 2012 for 349 would be about average price wise. And I would call buying local from a shop as a plus that would get you some backup support if you need it. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Epiphone%20Wildkat&condition=used I hope that helps. Good luck and have a good time. Doug
  2. Goodwill has a Dove that needs some love. A bit out of my area of expertise but maybe one of you might be interested. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/78950671
  3. I have a 335 Studio. 2018 model. Pretty nice guitar. Not as blingy as it's better dressed brothers but it plays as good as more expensive 335s I've played. Has 57/57custom pickups and everything about it says 335 to me. The case is ok. It's a cheaper hsc than the brown cases but still a good guitar case. Everything about the guitar says Gibson to me. And as you mentioned, it was quite a lot cheaper than the fancier 335s. Play one! It's the only way you can really decide if it will be worth it to you. I like mine. But I will admit that in my mind I would rather own a Figured 335 in Glacier Blue. And I suppose if I was playing on stage, the crowd might notice a fancy top. So... Sound and playing, the one I have is way more than half the guitar that the Figured 335 is. Whether it is "worth it" is a question that I can say to because I don't have 3500+ to put into a 335.
  4. @samgoody Welcome. to the group. Been a while since I saw one of those Epi strats but IIRC the Epiphone neck pocket is a little longer and a little wider than a Fender pocket. @Shannon. Also welcome to the forum. I don't believe Fender parts will fit that guitar. You might check with https://www.fretsonthenet.com/index.htm If he doesn't have them he might make them.
  5. Have you checked out the Duesenberg Les Trem? I've heard good things about them.
  6. I understand. Have you contacted Gibson? Have you contacted a lawyer yet?
  7. Nice looking guitar. Sorry about the earlier comment. Sometimes I forget the "never post until after the meds kick in" rule. D.
  8. You bought a guitar and loved it for 2 years and then decided you didn't like it because you read what it said on the bottom of the pickups. Maybe you learned that you like 490Ts better than you thought.
  9. I don't really collect shipping boxes, but they are so hard to find where I live, I don't ever throw them out either. I keep them in a storage unit and stack them so that all you see when you open the door is the bottom panel of a bunch of guitar boxes. I think if I ever can't make the storage payments some vulture is going to get to bid on my "abandoned' storage. They will be pretty bummed when they find out that those Gibson, Suhr, Fender CS boxes are all empty!
  10. Looks like you got a Chinese copy of a Korean copy of a US made guitar. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Those are usually pretty darn nice instruments. Play it loud and play it proud. P.S. If it plays and sounds the way you want it to, it doesn't really matter where it was made. PP SS I think "Limited Edition" has to do with only making so many of that model this time around. But I may be all wet.
  11. Go to Stewart MacDonald for Cherry Red Tinted Lacquer touchup pen.Item # 7053. Fill with lacquer or glue. Polish. Good luck. D
  12. dReit1

    BluesHawk Club

    Sure miss that site. Lot's of great info lost when it went away.
  13. You are probably right. But I think if 10 people here measure their guitars from the 12th fret to the bridge studs, you will get way more than a hairs difference in measurements. I would be willing to bet that if 10 of us measured the same guitar our measurements would vary by several hairs. That's not fudge. I think that there is a rule used to compensate for the heavier strings on the bass side that seems to say about 3 degrees longer. But it's the 'about' that would scare me. I think you would be much better off to search the available blue prints, find one that fits your plan and use a good ruler, rather than trust several people to use several rulers to measure several guitars. I just don't see that as having a happy ending. Good luck.
  14. 12th fret should be 1/2 of 24 3/4" to the bridge break point. Where your studs go would depend on the bridge & studs you are using. Lots and lots of blueprints for juniors on the web. check
  15. Hey Brian, Welcome to the forum. I don't own a 2012 but searching Reverb makes me think it's probably got '57 Classic humbuckers. And I would guess that both bridge and neck are the same. D
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