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  1. Rabs, Back up your crap. Just in case.
  2. Sounds good, but... I'll be back in 30 days to see how you're liking it. IIRC You can use most of MS's software without a registration key for 30 days. Then it shuts off. I hope they have changed that, but I doubt it. Be sure to back up all of your good stuff on a remote drive about June 10th. Just in case. D.
  3. dReit1

    P-90 Club!!!!

    I know 2 people that bought these recently and both are speaking favorably about their experience. GC has them at $999 but MF is pre-ordering for $850. Probably a good deal if anyone is looking. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/Les-Paul-Special-P-90-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar.gc https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-special-p-90-limited-edition-electric-guitar#productDetail Happy trails D
  4. I haven't done any on the newer Epiphones, so can't really say, but I think you will need to plan on using the drill thru and pop out method rather than heat & tape. I'm afraid the heat will melt the inlay before it releases the adhesive. If your new inlays are the same size & shape as the oem than it's a matter of time and patience. Oh yeah. Skill level fits in there too. If you are going with upscale inlays, crowns or stars or something fancy, the skill level part goes way up. Same with tools required.But you probably know that. If you are reasonably handy, I'm sure you will do fine. D
  5. Welcome to the group RaynMayker, Glad you are enjoying your new LP. Changing out inlays is a fairly straight forward project. I would suggest searching youtube for videos. There are several and I you will probably want to watch a few before you start. Glue, tools and a bucket full of how to @ stewmac dot com. B4 you dive in, sit down and decide what you are hoping for on the finished end. Doing the complete neck with the frets installed is not as easy as with a flat neck without the frets. Don't expect much/any change in tone. The value of your guitar will change. Please keep us in the loop. Love to see those before and after pics around here. D
  6. That is strange. Looks like some sort of plastic compression bandage or similar. If it can't be pulled or scraped off, I would try wetting a Q-tip with naptha and touching it to a small spot to see what happened. If the naptha cuts threw it,carefully wash and scrap until it's all gone. If naptha doesn't cut it, try the same procedure with lacquer thinner. If neither of those work, I would try a Q-tip with a small amount of acetone.(VERY SMALL AMOUNT) If it's plastic, acetone will dissolve it. And probably pretty quickly. So be ready with some warm water to flush and stop all reaction. The acetone will pretty much ruin any and all guitar finish so be ready to put the brakes on as soon as you see wood. I hope that helps. D P.S. I am in the group that thinks that someone put that on to cover something up. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. The easiest way to ignore a user is to not look at their posts. JUST SAY NO to clicking everything they post. Even the lamest POS will give up when no one pays attention to them.
  8. I can't recommend any. Only you can decide if "Only a Gibson is good enough." We all have to answer that question from time to time. I will say that I don't think the current P90s in the G guitars sound the same as the set on a mid 60's LP. I don't have an old 330 to compare. I do think the current Epiphone guitars have been pretty nice. QC is better than most. Even the electronics are getting better. But most will tell you to change all elec. from jack to switch pickups ect. But you know that part. I don't have any experience with the '18 model 330 but they seem to be getting pretty big discounts here in the States. Most '18s are. Thromman has the Epi Casino at less than 500 Euro, Looks like the John Lennon is about twice that. If the JL comes with a hsc and the USA electrics it would only be a bit more than a standard with upgrades you are talking about. Depending on what you buy and whether you do the work or hire it out. JL will probably hold resale value better. But you never know. You'll have to do the math yourself on the others. If "only a Gibson is good enough." Then you've already made the big decision and you only have to play the ones you have found and decide which one fits you the best. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you decide. D.
  9. There are many other options you can try. I know there are several good pickup winders in Europe and UK but I don't have experience with them so don't know enough to recommend. Further research shows that it's not Thromman that doesn't offer the dog ear Gibson P90s. Gibson doesn't offer them on their site either! But you can buy the soap bars and then buy dog ear covers for them. Amazon lists several different dog ear covers pretty cheap. Cream, black or chrome. But most appear to be metric and you may have trouble fitting to a Gibson pickup. I'd try getting the guitar and playing it for a while. Decide what you don't like about the oem pickups and go from there. D
  10. NO! The P94 series pickups are P90 windings in a Humbucker size. They will not be a drop-in fit for a Casino which has Dog Ear P90s. Thromann doesn't list a Gibson dog ear 90 but Fralin and Seymour Duncan are good brands. If I were in Europe I would check with Creamery https://www.creamery-pickups.co.uk/custom-handwound-pickups-from-the-creamery/custom-handwound-replacement-p90-pickups.html#CASINO61 Or one of Bareknuckles P90s https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/pickups/p90 Hope that helps. D
  11. If you use CTS or Bourne potentiometers you will need to open up the hole a bit. DO NOT use a drill bit! Get a reamer and go slow if you don't want to damage the finish. Alpha pots don't get the respect that the CTS & Bournes do but they may be almost as good. But the shaft size is correct for an EPI so no need to ream hole.
  12. This might be my favorite quote ever "I play blues-rock for a living. It's like a vow of poverty" J. Bonamassa
  13. dReit1

    BluesHawk Club

    Nice rack dude! But to be honest, Gibson's Bh doesn't really have P90s.(Blues90) But I think the Epiphone does.
  14. dReit1

    BluesHawk Club

    It could be in-correct. I don't know about that. I only stated what little I know about the guitar. Most of which concerned the differences between the 1st run of Blueshawks and the Little Lucille version. I assume that BB & Gibson discussed it and decided what was or wasn't correct. As you say they were made to Mr. King's specs. D
  15. dReit1

    BluesHawk Club

    @WildBill, Little Lucille's said "Little Lucille" on the body above the neck where the Blueshawk has "Blueshawk". They also had a TP6 bridge and the Varitone switch. Much different sound than the string through standard BH I can't post a pic but here's a link. https://reverb-res.cloudinary.com/image/upload/s--ryB84lr2--/a_exif,c_limit,e_unsharp_mask:80,f_auto,fl_progressive,g_south,h_620,q_90,w_620/v1377018302/akcwcmuavleqbjnav8gc.jpg D
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