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  1. dReit1

    Pickup Swap

    I don't think so. Different size and shape. You will need a humbucker sized P90 like the P-94 for that. Lot's of people making them though, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding some that you like.
  2. Try raising the bridge pickup a bit closer to the strings. See what that does. Change the strings! When you change strings, pull the pickups out enough to see the backs. You may have something someone else tried to fix. LOTS of those "fixes" aren't improvements, just changes. Another thought might be that who ever pawned the guitar had different pickups in it but stuck the old (or something) back in before they pawned it. And the floating pup might be because they kept the springs. Hard to guess until you open it up. Pull it apart. Find out what you have. Then you can decide what you need to get or if you need anything at all. Good luck. And let us know how it works out. D.
  3. Thanks for posting. I had the chance to fondle one of those. I liked the idea and the QC was good but I was underwhelmed by the one I played. I'm hoping the next one will trip my trigger because I really like George and I think the plan is good but execution could use a little tweaking.
  4. Probably. Maybe use a washer inside and out. Never tried it though so, if you do, please let us know how it worked out.
  5. Welcome to the group. And congrats on your new/old Blueshawk. There's a few threads here on Blueshawks and Nighthawks for those of us that understand. You can start here;https://forum.gibson.com/topic/100092-blueshawk-club/?tab=comments#comment-1353845 but a 'Search' should reveal lot's of opinions of the guitars and the pickups.
  6. Yes the site is still in use. But we don't sell guitars here anymore. Try Reverb.
  7. My wife and I quit in the '90s. Both after25+years of tobacco. We were sharing 2 1/2+ cartons a week at the time. Cigs in Anchorage are somewhere North of $10.50/pack now! And I can run all the way around the block without stopping!!!!
  8. I would think if you are using DiMarzio pickups you should be looking for at DiMarzio's website for diagrams. Or you can do a search for pickup wire color codes and go from there.
  9. No can do. Larry DiMarzio got a trademark on "double cream" pickups back in the '70s. There are ways around it but I don't think Gibson would bother.
  10. We don't do that here anymore. Not sure why. Maybe because the site owner sells new guitars and didn't want the competition. Or didn't want the hassles of buyer/ seller disputes, shipping issues, ect. For whatever reason, that feature has been gone for a year or so. Try Reverb
  11. If you are happy with the way it sounds, play it! Try not to get all up in the wind about what others say. Most are probably just repeating what they read on The Internet anyway. Asian guitars have a reputation that all of their electronics are crap. Not completely true. I think it was more true 10-15 years ago than now but the image is still there. Enjoy your guitar and don't worry about fixing a problem until YOU think it is a problem. If you had bought a Gibson guitar someone would tell you it's an ok guitar but if you really want a great guitar you should swap those pickups out for some (insert any aftermarket pickup brand here) pickups. And then the next guy would tell you it would be a great guitar if you got a better bridge. Blah Blah Blah. So... play your guitar. When, and if, you think it needs upgrades you will know what needs changing and why. P.S. On the other side of that, a quick search for Wildkat wiring harness shows that it's a pretty standard setup. But I would still wait until you see a need for it before I made any changes. D.
  12. Welcome to the group 1stGuitar. Hope you enjoy it here, and gain a little knowledge and a few smiles while you're at it. Try not to get confused with the USA-China-Korea-Indochina thing. EVERYBODY tends to think their guitar is better than the others. They all make good guitars and they all have had some clunkers. Find a guitar that looks and plays well for you. Then check to see when or where it was made. Epiphone has been around for a long time and their guitars are usually pretty well made where ever they were made. Of course if you like to sniff corks, none of the above will apply. I don't own a Wildkat and so can't comment directly about them but they seem to have a pretty good reputation. Checking Reverb for used prices, it looks like a 2012 for 349 would be about average price wise. And I would call buying local from a shop as a plus that would get you some backup support if you need it. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Epiphone%20Wildkat&condition=used I hope that helps. Good luck and have a good time. Doug
  13. Goodwill has a Dove that needs some love. A bit out of my area of expertise but maybe one of you might be interested. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/78950671
  14. I have a 335 Studio. 2018 model. Pretty nice guitar. Not as blingy as it's better dressed brothers but it plays as good as more expensive 335s I've played. Has 57/57custom pickups and everything about it says 335 to me. The case is ok. It's a cheaper hsc than the brown cases but still a good guitar case. Everything about the guitar says Gibson to me. And as you mentioned, it was quite a lot cheaper than the fancier 335s. Play one! It's the only way you can really decide if it will be worth it to you. I like mine. But I will admit that in my mind I would rather own a Figured 335 in Glacier Blue. And I suppose if I was playing on stage, the crowd might notice a fancy top. So... Sound and playing, the one I have is way more than half the guitar that the Figured 335 is. Whether it is "worth it" is a question that I can say to because I don't have 3500+ to put into a 335.
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