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  1. I've had that happen here a couple of times. And I think it would go away if the forum identified the person when they vote.. I'd guess that the individual who is responsible wouldn't have the gonads to vote me down if they knew I might get in their face about it. On the other hand, it's a forum. And while I have made some great friends on forums, most of them are thousands of miles away and wouldn't know me if I sat down next to them at a concert. So I don't get overly bent about anything any of you say. If I like it, I vote you up. If I don't like it I move on. I don't vote anybody down unless they are grossly out of line. NEVER when it is just a difference of opinion.
  2. dReit1

    BluesHawk Club

    Sure miss that site. Lot's of great info lost when it went away.
  3. You are probably right. But I think if 10 people here measure their guitars from the 12th fret to the bridge studs, you will get way more than a hairs difference in measurements. I would be willing to bet that if 10 of us measured the same guitar our measurements would vary by several hairs. That's not fudge. I think that there is a rule used to compensate for the heavier strings on the bass side that seems to say about 3 degrees longer. But it's the 'about' that would scare me. I think you would be much better off to search the available blue prints, find one that fits your plan and use a good ruler, rather than trust several people to use several rulers to measure several guitars. I just don't see that as having a happy ending. Good luck.
  4. 12th fret should be 1/2 of 24 3/4" to the bridge break point. Where your studs go would depend on the bridge & studs you are using. Lots and lots of blueprints for juniors on the web. check
  5. Hey Brian, Welcome to the forum. I don't own a 2012 but searching Reverb makes me think it's probably got '57 Classic humbuckers. And I would guess that both bridge and neck are the same. D
  6. Good morning sgw. Welcome to the party. Not a lot of info in your post. Is it a new/newer guitar? Do you have any experience with lv electronics? Do you have the tools to test the circuit? Do you have the tools and skill to repair a problem if you can identify it? If you answered yes to #1 or no to #4 I would suggest you take it to an authorized repair person. If it's an older guitar, and you have some savvy and a multi meter handy, you can check most of the likely problems yourself. I would start with the switch and test in and outputs. If you get power coming and going check all the solder connections at the switch and at in the control cavity. Look for cold solder joints. You should be able to test the pickup at the control cavity too. If you are unsure of how to do some of this YouTube is a good place to find How To videos . You might look on StewMac for their videos too. Good luck. D.
  7. Welcome to the group Ecurb. Without your guitar in hand I can only guess. And I would guess 6mm. MOST Epiphones use that size. I think there are a few that get US electronics but most will come stock with metric. Good luck. D
  8. IMHO There are always nice SGs for sale on Reverb. And everyplace else. Good semi-hollows, not so much! If you have a good one, keep it and save up for the SG. Or pickup a cheaper SG copy until you can afford a better one. D If you need more sustain buy a pedal.
  9. Welcome to the group. I hope you enjoy it here. You know what they say about "a thousand words"
  10. Rabs, Back up your crap. Just in case.
  11. Sounds good, but... I'll be back in 30 days to see how you're liking it. IIRC You can use most of MS's software without a registration key for 30 days. Then it shuts off. I hope they have changed that, but I doubt it. Be sure to back up all of your good stuff on a remote drive about June 10th. Just in case. D.
  12. dReit1

    P-90 Club!!!!

    I know 2 people that bought these recently and both are speaking favorably about their experience. GC has them at $999 but MF is pre-ordering for $850. Probably a good deal if anyone is looking. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/Les-Paul-Special-P-90-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar.gc https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-special-p-90-limited-edition-electric-guitar#productDetail Happy trails D
  13. I haven't done any on the newer Epiphones, so can't really say, but I think you will need to plan on using the drill thru and pop out method rather than heat & tape. I'm afraid the heat will melt the inlay before it releases the adhesive. If your new inlays are the same size & shape as the oem than it's a matter of time and patience. Oh yeah. Skill level fits in there too. If you are going with upscale inlays, crowns or stars or something fancy, the skill level part goes way up. Same with tools required.But you probably know that. If you are reasonably handy, I'm sure you will do fine. D
  14. Welcome to the group RaynMayker, Glad you are enjoying your new LP. Changing out inlays is a fairly straight forward project. I would suggest searching youtube for videos. There are several and I you will probably want to watch a few before you start. Glue, tools and a bucket full of how to @ stewmac dot com. B4 you dive in, sit down and decide what you are hoping for on the finished end. Doing the complete neck with the frets installed is not as easy as with a flat neck without the frets. Don't expect much/any change in tone. The value of your guitar will change. Please keep us in the loop. Love to see those before and after pics around here. D
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