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  1. I have a big problem not being able to play a guitar before I buy, I must have played 30 strats before I got mine, and I mean played I was starting to get dirty looks from the sales people, I also like going to mom and pop ( or in my case,pop & son ) stores HELP OUT THE LITTLE GUY!!!!!!
  2. I had my uncle's for about a year, I avoided him for 2 months when he asked for it back- he sold not even a year later for 450$ and didn't even call to see if I would buy it first-what a jerk!
  3. why is the center block white wood- very soft, my finger nail goes into it like butter, oh and thanks, the epi people don't seem to care maybe becouse I didn't spend alot of $
  4. still want what the dot studio is really made of ( from epi ) you guys have been great! my ? got the shaft already from them!
  5. i'm look'n for a nighthawk- sunburst- anyboby, they can't all be gone !
  6. I've got to say as a new epi guy the folks that post here are very cool and friendly---glad to be a part !
  7. thats it 3000 with a humbucker and 2 singels and a 5 way switch, thanks couldn't remember the #s
  8. I don't own one yet, but I like the ultra,chamberd, and the one I played in the store felt like I had my ol' gibson nighthawk, but why only one color? the ultra 2 comes in that midnight ebony I like that alot
  9. oh crap I forgot my first guitar krammer focous 3? 6000? (strat) can't remember,this off sky blue I was all of 14 or 15 I paid 600$ worked all summer doing concrete, at 18 I went walkabout all over the us and selling that was part of the money to do so, it would most likely be hanging on my wall but I would still love to have her back
  10. and you are kicking yourself in the *** for in now, I'm sure this is somthing that people would like to talk about -I'll go first, well since this is epi forum I'll start like this my natural dot in my avitar, loved that guitar,but needed rent more at the time( should have give'n up one of my kidny's insted ), my gibson nighthawk, man that's one, you don't see them anywere, I only found 2 or 3 on line, in uk, went to philly guitar expo everyone there said "nope, don't have one"and I know that alot of the les paul guy's would say" good ridd'ns" but I thought it was cool guitar anybody know were one is pref. sunburst? and my 72 fender mustang, black, man that was 400$ when I got in 96,at that guitar expo-2000$ I could just s**t !! what's your tails of woow?
  11. this makes me feel middle of the road 36 , can't go back,trying like hell not to go forward (don't seem to be working, damm!) ,
  12. now for me, I think most of tone is in the hand, you take a good player ( stieve, jimmi,eric) give him crap on a stick,and in jimmi hendrix's case some of the time that's not far off , they will sound like them, but for my money, if I had any, an old black or silver face, I had a 72ish silver face proverb cool blues amp, I have a blues deluxe now and it is a very good lite--vs a twin-- amp and for me I like the overdrive. I've played strats all my life and that is just a cool combo, however my new dot studio just screems through it, love to have my proverb back the dot would be like"yea that's the way I like it, baby, just like that!"
  13. I knew that something was off with the fake head stock, when you see them together it's very clear
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