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  1. Hey,

    Im the guy that nipped 2 strings at my last gig and didnt bring a spare, if u didnt see it just find my last posts.

    Anyway ive got a gig this saturday any advice, i am taking a spare guitar this time.

  2. I think im gonna stick to dean's but the funny thing is we had a back up guitar but are drummer didnt want it because it meant a friend had to come to the soundcheck and wait around because the guitar he was giving was in his sisters. He made him out to be a tag along.

  3. Hey guys,

    It is the saddle were it breaks always. And i use dean markleys only because their cheaper, but we did get paid for the gig so ill prob buy a few packs of Enrie ball because thats the only strings that i would know of. But i think i know why i broke my stings was because i use a pretty hard pick, it would pass as a bass pick.

    Ive learned from my mistakes and ive let my band down but their will always be next time. We also got ask to play another gig so wasnt that bad.


    Edit - Sorry i didnt get the guys name but the guy that mentioned the roller saddle that aint a bad idea, how much would these cost?

  4. Well, it was my bands first gig tonight was playing an epiphone dot. Was playing throw are first song and 2 strings nipped and i didnt bring a spare and i was on stage asking another band for a guitar i got one thankfully but it was a whole shambles and i ended up stage diving twice. I was wondering whats the best strings to buy for strenght and still get the sound that i use, i am using Regular slinky at the moment.



  5. I left my epiphone dot in my car after a pratice in a hard case, this was on monday i took it out today and it was all steamed up, but its pretty cold were i live, and ive noticed that with it getting back in the heat, water as started to run nothing big just tiny tiny drops. Could the water instead the pick ups.


    Is this bad for the guitar

  6. Found out what my dream guitar make was or maker just last night. Its the Travis Bean TB 1000, dont see many about these days but theres a band called Foals in England there pretty big, the lead singer plays one.

    I just remembered that theres another guitar that is amazing is the gibson Les paul junior double cutaway dont know if thats correct.




  7. I've got a tele.. two in fact. I haven't sold them yet on ebay.

    One's pearl white.. I let the local body shop guy paint it and I'm certainly not saying the paint is perfect' date=' but it's nice.

    The other one, same deal, but I had it done clear.

    He didn't finish sand it, so there are a couple of scratches in the sealer that show on the back. Which ticks me off. As a pro painter he should have known and told me they'd show, I'd have sanded it.

    Anyway they're hard to see.


    Both are saga kits..


    Now.. reject those if you want.. but those saga kits are pretty nice for the money.


    They usually come in a box, then you assemble them.

    the tuners are junk. So I put on good imports.

    I also clean the boards and dress the frets. They play sweet.


    The sagas have good necks. one piece maple.. rosewood boards and pretty nice fret work straight out of the box.

    The bridge pickup is very tele.. vintage output, the neck pickup.. kinda sucks. I pull 'em out and put in a better strat size pup

    and the combination is pretty sweet.


    You can check ebay for them as kits..

    and I'd tell anyone to consider a saga kit who wants a tele..

    I have a squier here and the sagas play just as nice.. and with the new neck pup and tuners play and sound function just fine.


    I want about 135.00 for mine.. which is more than ebay factory box stuff, but you get more. tuners, pup, fretwork, assembled.


    pics available. never had a return or complaint on a saga either, strats teles lps and prs styles.

    also I'm irish so I can't bs you!


    whatever else you decide. do check out the ebay sagas. I haven't got any up now, but you can see how they come stock that way.


    I'd pop a four way switch in there, too, if it was me.. and I reverse the control plate. that way the big switch knob isn't in the front where you pick, it's toward the rear.. putting your volume control where you can reach it easily.


    These sagas are good enough to upgrade, for sure. They make a great inexpensive tele beginner guitar. but you could easily gig with them, they play that nice and sound pretty darn good. Solid, too. headstock adjust truss rod.


    I think I've sold maybe twenty or more of them.

    I bring 'em up only cause you asked for something inexpensive, and sagas are the beans in that department.


    On epis side. I've been digging the jr lately.. I may have to try one of those sometime.





    Yeh, i just searched on ebay it would be something i would interested in.

    And painting it and such.

    But the only problem if you where selling me one is that the guitar as to travel a long way and those guys at the airports and postal places just couldnt give a shite about how they handle them.


    I was also looking on Thomann its a european website pretty amazing. www.Thomann.de

    I was looking at a 69 thinline telecaster with a f hole something along those lines. The stuff on the site is pretty cheap to, at that the site gives you a option to pay in euro or sterling but your from american and its dollars over there so i dont know how that would work.


    Anyway i was looking at the epi's there pretty cheap to

    SG G400 is like 192 sterling i dont know if that is amazling good but i know its good i dont really look at guitars where i live because theres only one music shop and it sucks.

    The jr is a pretty nice epi at the moment to.


    The tele really seems like something i would be into.


    check out the site anyway.

  8. I was thinking about getting a new guitar and after only getting my dot about 2 months ago.

    but i will soon have money rolling in hopefully, i have this thing called EMA you get it when u stay in school im from northen ireland btw.


    It needs to be kinda cheap and i dare say it but i was looking at telecasters i was playing one and it felt like i had been playing it for years.


    Any suggests?

  9. It was my dad that got me into music and guitar.

    He always says that his brother (music mad) wanted one of his sons to play guitar but non of them did and hes got 5 sons. But im the only boy in my family so thats how it started.


    Im 16 btw.



    I also sing to :D and im in a band as a matter of a fact my band recorded a song which was done in 20 minutes i most get it up for you guys.


    I also write my own music i dont really like learning other peoples songs.


    And as stan said also for the girls.

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