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  1. hello CB, MIDIman.. nice to see you again LOL.. im already try em all and they all sound really really fantastic sadly the more i played them the more i got confused and stuck in the store till late LOL[crying] so i thought maybe i could sharping my decisions by asking opinions to you guys.. so give me some review or references bout gibson and @ gibson4life: hm... im sorry but i have to say i agree with midiman.. i think its okay to buy new one as long the build quality, the sounds and all is in great conditions.. what could go wrong with perfectly made gibson? except the credit card bill hahahahaha and to all please keep posting k? with lot of reviews and reference from you guy its would make different
  2. thought so too musikron but despite their history and their qualities.. no one could beat them except fender.. im full of GAS.. SG std are real temptations and sounds great too ( clapton would be happy to hear this LOL ) but LP somehow put balance in scale ... the saddest thing that ever done by gibson is they way too expensive!!! ridiculously expensive!! BUT i already told my self i have to have gibson once in my life LOL[biggrin] whether SG LP studio or junior thanks for posting everyone lol keep posting please and help me kay?
  3. im stuck with gibby right now.. the GAS to own a gibby just getting stronger everyday lol so i wondering ( after seeing endless youtube video of gibson guitar demos and read pages thru pages of reviews ) there's an "equal" match for the bucks and for quality: 1: gibson SG standard 2: Gibson Les paul Studio 3: Gibson les paul junior ( whether real junior or billy joel armstrong sig ) the reason i say they are "equal" is SG is good build guitar quality, the tone, wood, playability ( i think it has the same PU with studio, but do correct me if im wrong.. ) les paul studio : ITS gibson LES PAUL.. the quality is better then faded or special but less bling and at the same time is "cheaper" then the standard one les paul junior : cheap gibson but simply has powerful, crunch tones which is perfect to play rock soooo.. with all these things.. please help me to decide which one is better.. i play rock music, i got music influences from Jimmy Pages, Jimmy Hendrix and Eric clapton while he still playing with cream.. and last but not least i played em all, SG, STUDIO, JUNIOR and they sound nice, and all of them suit me well.. the one that hold me to buy them all is my budgets LOL[crying] :) anyway cant wait your reply..
  4. @ jerome_travis : since you're in singapore, i have something to ask jerome, where i can find a epi casino elitist or a hagstrom viking in singapore, i check sweelee last time they dont have any.. ???? me and my friend are in a "have fun and kill some time" Band, who just love to jam whenever we feel like it and both of us are in Rock Genre, we had argument since i choose epi over hagstrom and he said the opposite.. now we had a bet and see whos won in the end.. my argument are epi dot or casino, are well build in quality ( at least its epi.. not some crappy gibson copy )and it also had great value of money.. while he said hagstrom really good in sound and quality despite they also made in china so you guys think hagstrom win overall compare to epi dot or casino? ( please say epi better or i lost my 20 buck to a chump LOL ) (crossing fingers ) RICO
  5. hi everyone, long time no see.. its been awhile LOL me and my friends had argument which were better between epiphone casino, dot, or hagstorm viking deluxe? he think hagstorm is a killer, but id say casino are much better.. both of us love rock genre.. so give us some of your thought.. so we can settle this down.. thanks Rico
  6. @ CB : but CB, if you got to choose between those 2.. which one you chose..? I need you opinion on that.. and why? Hehehe im sorry if I have to much question.. I just had much curiousity with guitars LOL And you’re right too.. all im asking is Gibson and fender US MADE ONLY and im not thinking about the money either cause money is something you can make but which one is suited for us is differ one another, right CB? cheers ER @ Midiman: well.. you got me Midiman hahahahaha… you got some great suggestion too.. logic and eficien.. SG then one day hopefully! a Strat!… Amien…and you were right, I need opinion.. because I see this 2 guitar just “faces in a coin” both are solid ~”the coin”~ but 1 is the head and the other is the tail.. now I just want to know what makes them different or special ??? moreover I trust this forum for their better judgement and their fair opinion.. @ Ron G : nice to meet you Ron, SG Standard MSRP $ 1,998 right? Sooooo~~~ In my rough calculation 1 USD = Rp 10.000,- 1.998 x 10.000 =Rp 19,980,000,- A LOT EI!!!!!!! YES IT DOES! but the street price would be cut of 10% from MSRP.. 19,980,000 x 10% = 1,980,000 19,980.000 – 1,980,000 = 18,000,000 Strat are much the same but MUCH CHEAPER.. I got 12,000,000 for the street price for Strat Deluxe US made.. @ Lord Summerisle: well~ c’mon lord summerisle…! Chill a bit.. I’d to say that there is a lot of comparison that has been made so far and just like CB says that we are getting really bored with stuff like “which one better epi MIC or MIK” or “ which one is better fender or Gibson” but that would be so dead boring to bring up that in this forum.. so I just think whatabout this two mammals you say.. if you say there are solid body gitar, whatabout LP and Tele? They all solid right? but they are different just like the other right? That’s my point.. I make this thread because I want to see what you think, what ppl in these forum think about their guitar they choose.. @svet : LOL if I can buy those two, why would I throw the question in this forum in the first place? LOL but one day I will ( finger crossing and praying faithfully LOL)
  7. just out of curiousity ... i begin to googling SG vs Strat.. and obviously it just like never another ending battles between two goliath guitar manufacturer, it has pro and con.. basically i call it even in broad assumption now i try to narrow it down, and see what you guy say about it.. compare GIBSON SG STANDARD ( 2 humb's = 490R + 498T, TOM bridges, SET NECK JOINT, mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard ) Strat deluxe HSS ( 2 single coil ~ middle + Neck, 1 humbs ~ bridge, S -1 Switch ~ to make Humbucker sound with joining 2 single coil sort of stuff, Alder body, maple neck and fingerboard and BOLT ON Joint) Which one you choose and why? but please dont judge by the price.. thanks!
  8. @paruwi6172 : please.. dont call me mr.. LoL i feel old.. and im crossing fingers for one day i can join epi's custom shop! and get you guy's something worth it to buy.. @ Charlie Brown : i would consider your thought,as for now.. im still working like slave just to get the gibson original sparepart, and stuff.. , NEXT is an "Solid Guitar" build it from scratch just like you said.. and to you all guy's in these forum, all the "elder's" and guitar pro's and epi's fans, Thank you..! without your help by giving me info's and sent me feedbacks in many discussion's ( A LOT OF IT !, from how to mod's epi's perfectly to give me bunch of LP pic's ) well without you guy's, i cant modified my epi's and turn it like this is.. so thank you..! ;) =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
  9. @ Southpaw : good for you... there's a "slight" change with the body, i made it contour body just like strat's but the "blue print" idea is when i saw Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard ( i know somehow gibson would do the same as fender one day - give back contour ).. its a bit hard to do it - cut the back to make it contour - it comes with tear :D:D:D but i know its for her own good.. AND now i play her without any rib - ache, Feel great and never been better.. @mgrasso : thank's to inform me about the 0's gibson.. now it comeback ( i never know that gibson ever change their fingerboard to maple.. now i know..:- ) in simplest way i can explain my methods is: 1st, i remove all the guitar parts 2. i remove the original paint using paint remover and wait until the paint peeling 3. i use sand paper to finish the paint removal, some of the paint is a bit hard to peel so some of it is use plier then sand it afterward ( dont forget to check the wood condition, is still "wet" or it already dry.. if its still wet, just leave it for couple of days until it REALLY DRY ) 4. 1st apply the basic color then use the finishing color ( i use paint from the same manufacturer, just to make sure it has the right combination ) for this process i apply it for several times ~ in my case i apply it 4 times because the wood keep absorbing the paint and the color turn a bit pale here's the full mod's Spec: fingerboard / fretboard : hard maple Tuner : sperzel locking tuner - black humbucker ( neck ) : seymour duncan jazz model Humbucker ( Bridge ) : original epiphone LP standard Bridge Bridge : Fishman Tune - O - Matic Power bridge tone control : 1 for seymour duncan jazz model Humbucker 1 for original epiphone LP standard Bridge Volume Control : 1 master volume ( Humbucker ) 1 volume for Fishman Tune - O - Matic Power bridge output jack : 1 for Humbucker 1 for Fishman Tune - O - Matice Power bridge contoured back body thank's to all, and enjoy !
  10. @bluelake07 : at first, im just curious with what it look like the LP standard top veneer, because it just comes up with black color, just asking my self, why they paint it black? maybe if i remove the paint, i can get something out of it.. and here they are... @CB : good question CB..well.. i have 2 main reason for that: 1st. im lack of find good tonewood here.. i got 2 slabs of Indonesian mahogany ( and i even dont know, their latin name and their sound character.. was it good like Gibson or what? etc ) and 2nd i cant sell it again , i mean even if i can build an exact copy "gibson Les Paul" with gibson original Part i.e humbucker, tuner, TOM, etc , i cant sell it, cause people prefer real thing : real Gibson, real epi's ( I do.. do you?) rather than a custom guitar @MIDIMan56 : i replace the rosewood fingerboard and change them into maple fingerboard, i change them because i think there's no Gibson or Epi's ever done it before and i love maple fingerboard because i dont have to give them oil to conditioning the wood @antwhi2001 : at the first time when im remove the paint, i found out that some of paint went deep inside the grain, so i have to sand it to get rid of it carefully cause i still want LP countour body.. so my advice becafull when removing the paint and while sanding
  11. here's my old les paul front - before back - before headstock PIMP IT.. ADD SOME AESTHETIC's body Back Body Body - neck neck Back HERE's THE RESULT Body - Vintage TeaBurst Body II Front Back Back body you have seen it all.. wait for comment, critiques or just applause LOL
  12. i have put it in simple way.. so there's 3 major choices : Mira, SG, Tele.. with pro and cons SG : "cheaper" than Mira, but what about the sound? Mira: better with sound and feel, but more expensive Tele : no comment i have tried the SG standard, and my first impression was they are easy to play, light weight, but i dont hear any miraculous sound, its good its gibson for sure but its wasnt enough ( YET... ) and i also tried PRS SE Custom ( i know at this point, mira cant be compare with the SE custom but the thing is i cant play mira because i have to seal the deal with the seller first, just to make sure im serious buyer and at the end i have to buy it, whenever i like it or not ~ sighhh ) but all im saying is i like PRS sound but because its SE and the other contender is gibson, SG is my first choice.. but im still not sure with it.. HELPPP!!! any suggestion or reviews for those two? MANY THANKS TO ALL MEMBERS THAT ALREADY PUT THEIR MIND TO MY THREADS BY GIVING ME SUGGESTION OR THEIR INFO ABOUT THESE GUITARS. THANK YOU
  13. yes, PRS mira it does like Gretsch corvette.. i choose it because of that but i more into PRS sound rather than Gretsch.. and about the money.. i put sweetwater price to compare - PRS is around 1800 USD SG standard ( ebony ) 1600 USD Telecaster 72's deluxe ( 2 humbs ) 1000 USD Strat american std 1400 USD schecter PT fastback - i cant find it anywhere so i just stick with amazon.com price - 600 USD I Really love Tele( i have one ) and i dont mind to get another one with humbucker LOL but compare with PRS AND SG which one is more wise to buy? and just another question.. does anyone have any idea, is the SG also have some kind H - H - H routing system or H -S - H routing System behind the pickguard like Fender does or just simply H - H routing system ? cause my tele come from the factory with 2 single coil routing system but when I take out the pickguard i found that i have H S S routing system.. does anyone know that?
  14. so.. for my birthday's i want to buy my self a brand new guitar, since i never had a gibson before, i think it might good to buy an SG for a starter, but that gorgeous PRS MIRA keep bugging me.. ( silvery and it have gorgeous sound ) i wish one day fender could produce a SET - NECK Joint Guitar.. but that tele 72's also so beautiful, with 2 humbucker and 2 tone / 2 vol come with ebony color ... between 5 of them i think most affordable is fender strat , PRS or Schecter and the priciest is Gibson.. so what do you think i should buy???????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! :P
  15. guy's does anyone know what is fender stratocaster (upgrade) mean? and btw the way, where i can find fender humbucker (wide range humbucker) pickups? cause im planning to change my epi pickups LOL I know its sound crazy but i thinks is fun..
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