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  1. By the way, Sound-wise, the Les Paul sounds better than the G-400 right? or am I mistaken? Im just wondering how both guitars would sound being hooked up to the same amp. A lot of people say that the Epi Les Paul is really close to the Gibson Les Paul, and haven't heard anything comparing the Gibson SG to the Epiphone "SGs".
  2. Thanks a lot guys, I think that'll do ;) :D
  3. Hello people! I need some help over here... I can't decide wether to get the Epiphone G-400 or the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I really like both guitars a lot. Could anyone please list me some pros and cons of these two guitars? Somehow the Les Paul convinces me more than the G-400 but I'm still not sure. It hasn't been much since I'm into guitars so I'm still a n00b lol. I need a guitar that will last me, sound good, and be able to play anything with it. Some help would be appriciated! Thanks!
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