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  1. I'd get a Line 6 spider III, as a matter of fact, that's what I got! It's a modeling amp, gives you the ability to get an unlimited amount of sounds/tones so you can actually get that rock and roll sound right away while still only being able to play crap. The thing with getting the Valeve Jr or any other non-modelling amp to start is that you'll still sound like crap, only louder. With a Line 6, you'll get some neat sounds out of your guitar and be inspired to learn more. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-Spider-III-75-Combo-Amplifier?sku=482272
  2. I wonder why no one has thought to buy a bunch of them and sell them over here. I know that Gibson wouldn't allow it, blahblahblah...but why not do it on the grey market? They seem pretty nice, but shipping from Japan or off Fraudbay? No thanks.
  3. It doesn't make sense to waste your money on a likely fake. I mean really, Epiphones aren't all that expensive to begin with. If you want another guitar, and don't have enough for a new one from a dealer, why not hit your local internet classifieds? With the economy as it is, you should be able to get some GREAT deals used (that is of course once the seller realizes that knocking 15% off the price they paid new isn't a GREAT DEAL for folks looking at their guitar! lol) The other thing you might want to consider, is to buy one on layaway...just make sure it's a big box though...that is if you won't finance. The main thing? Ebay seems to be fraud central when it comes to Epiphones...don't bother with it.
  4. It's just a different look on the wood. A quilted or flamed finish, and you can google image both, is quite appealing to some. It does nothing to enhance the sound of your guitar, but you might think it looks cool. Is that a pic of your LP?
  5. The plus is "prettier" with the quilted or flamed top on it. Other than that, the difference is about 50-100 bucks. You can get a good price on a plain top at MF, they always seem to have a black B-stock one listed there :0)
  6. The official Epiphone web forum gets lots of traffic because it is VERY easy to find. Once people find it, mostly new players, they can get answers to their Epiphone related questions quite quickly. It is ALWAYS stocked with new questions and new answers and is therefore QUITE interesting to look at and read. People tend to respond with detailed responses that actually answer their questions. They come back to read what others are being told and they learn. That's what happened to me. I learned how to set up a guitar and how to mod and it made me want to learn more. The people here have a GREAT knowledge base and sponges like me can pick stuff up and apply it. The internet is VERY fast, people go where there is a LOT of activity and interesting content. THAT is why the Epiphone forum here is as good as it is.
  7. so to find guitar stuff, you all look at google first? and I'D GUESS YOU LOOK AT THE FIRST LISTING OR TWO THAT COMES UP...
  8. I hear tv yellow's just trying to get some postings up ;0) I also hear he'd like everyone to try to post there more, in addition to here. I also hear he's wants to rename the other place so it shows up on google :0) I hear he's handsome too...lol
  9. How did everyone find this place? Did you see it come up on a google search? Did you just follow the Epiphone website links? How did you get here? EVERYONE answer :0)
  10. If it's a broken head stock, you can glue it back together. But ya, a set neck guitar, unless it's worth 2 grand, is so not worth replacing the neck on. Try that on your Fe**der.
  11. Where is the seller? Where did you buy it? I'm guessing you didn't get the thing from US or Canada. If that's the case, I'm guessing you'd best just get some decent pups etc... and build yourself a new guitar out of it, mod it. If, on the other hand, it's from Canada, call the police and Yorkville.
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