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  1. I prefer the ebony fretboards to the rosewood ones (+1 for Martin) and the short scale to the long ones (+1 for Gibson).
  2. Or keep the benefits of the Grover with the aesthetics of the tulip. Here you go: Regards, AL
  3. Hi bkharmony, Thanks for your support. Regarding your question about the replacement pickguard, I'm afraid I can´t tell you, because I don't remember. I know I ordered it from a US web, but don¡t recall which one. First I ordered from StewMac, but it was not the colour I was looking for. So I continued the search for a blank pickguard and I found this one (nice color and semi-transparent). I took it to my luthier, who did a great job with the cutting and son on. Junta 6, I'll PM you. Kind regards, AL
  4. Hi Junta 6, Thanks for your input! I changed the hummingbird pickguard for a tortoise shell one because of two reasons: - really didn´t like the hummingbird one (I know some may "crucify" me for this, but, anyway!) - it was a "thick" piece of plastic, not like the tortoise one So, basically, the main reason was aesthetic... Regards, AL
  5. Hi Junta 6, I bought mine two years ago at Fuller's (via online), but I've seen some others on Ebay. Here are some pics taken with a cell phone: BTW, davenumber2 is right, the only difference with the standard HB is the color. I also changed the pickguard and the tuners. Good luck, Junta 6! Regards, AL
  6. Congratulations, Jinder!!! Very glad to hear it'back, alive, kicking and sounding even better!! AL
  7. Well, I'm very satisfied with my Thomastik: http://www.thomastik-infeld.com/guitars/index.html Regards, AL
  8. Hi bscha, I´m afraid I won´t be of any help to you... I don´t have the model you mention (my guitar is a Hummingbird...). Hope any of the other forum members can help you. Regards, AL
  9. Thanks for your replies! bkharmony: That's exactly my point with the stickyness... Therefore my personal preference leaning towards a satin neck... Merry Christmas! AL
  10. Thanks for your replies! eltonwce: I would have said that this would only happen in satin finish necks, not with Gibson glossy necks... But I didn't have the chance to check it. QuestionMark: Do you feel it is more comfortable a gloss neck than a satin one? chrisa83: Exactly that was my point... Regards, AL
  11. Hello everybody, I would like to know how much time it would be required to make the neck gloss disappear of a brand new Gibson. Here are my assumptions: 1. You do want to make the neck gloss disappear (Why? Well, maybe to give it a smoother feeling...) 2. You play only the first 3-4 frets. 3. You play regularly, let's say, 1 hour a day 4. You don't wipe off the neck after playing or polish it Any thoughts? Thanks! Best regards, AL
  12. I don't think people have been harsh... As nodehopper said: "that is what can happen when you ask for peoples opinions". BTW, thanks for your compliment! Dirty Harry put it in another way: "Opinions are like a%%-l#s, everybody's got one...." Again, thans for the feedback, opinions, suggestions, proposals and the like. I'll talk to my partner to see what she thinks and will let you know which name we choose. Merry Christmas! AL
  13. DanvillRob: thanks for the explanation! Thans, too, for the other opinions (Don Carlos, pohatu771, tomwood2u & MisterGibs). Here in Spain we have a saying: "Los colores están hechos para los distintos gustos". It means something like: "The colours are made for the different tastes". It's simply amazing what differente meanings this name can recall... Anyway, I think this is more than enough to have different opinions on this name. Will let you know the end of the story! Best regards, AL
  14. Again, thanks everybody for the inputs! Gibson101: I'm 36, so maybe that's the fun part of it, not having experienced the 60´s, but wishing it... DanvillRob: Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't get the "dish" thing. Does it have a double meaning? Cunkhead, thanks for your support! bkharmony, I'll be waiting for your report! I just had to google for Stromboli, since it didn't mean anything to me... Regards, AL
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