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  1. That guitar you've pictured isn't from the 60's...that a modern impression and it does look Strat-like but beyond looks is vastly different. Nelson
  2. Where on earth did you get "Strat knock off"? The Wilshires were 24.75" scale guitars with mahogany slab bodies with mahogany necks and rosewood fret boards. They had stop tail pieces (sometimes vibratos) and tune-a-matic bridges and came with either P-90s or PAF Mini Humbuckers. These were more a version of the LP double cut Specials or an evolutionary link in the SG chain..Strat? No, not even remotely... Nelson
  3. Oh, seriously now...what would you call putting two hundred bucks worth of gold-plated chintz on a hundred and fifty buck chunk of plywood?...we are alll soooo politically correct..I just can't take any of you Bozos seriously when you try to go there...not that I can any other time either..and Ace, these aren't aimed at kids with paper routes so save your little trip down memory lane for the old folks home...besides..a kid capable of saving two grand isn't wasting his time in this forum...the one's for old men who like to pretend they have two thousand dollar guitars coming out of their asses by buying butt loads of cheap guitars..and for the record, I currently own ONE guitar that I'd consider vintage and valuable and it isn't even a Gibson...the biggest mouths here can't even afford the sales tax on one of those Wilshires and that makes this even funnier..A limited run of a hundred at the Gibson Custom Shop isn't aimed at a bunch of dreamers in the discount section..get real..Growler, I make it too easy for these goobers....and yeah, these beef jerkies should take the time to look up meanings of the word "ghetto" since their racism seems to want to portray ghetto as being exclusively black...I could have said "trailer park " the guitars up and then I would have been getting REALLY personal with some of the jokers here and their heads would have exploded... Nelson
  4. Run of only 100? You're looking at $4K list..minimum..maybe even $5K...sorry Epi-kiddies....looks like you're back to ghettoizing Asian Epiphone Juniors for entertainment...a Lennon Casino, remember, listed for $3K and it wasn't really even made here let alone being a custom shop run...Back in 1997 a friend of mine who was then in marketing for Gibson/Epiphone told me there were a lot of set backs with the Lennon Casino because they were having a hard time getting it to market under $5K list when it was part of a custom shop run...and so they made it in Japan and assembled it in Nashville...and that was twelve years ago.. Nelson
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