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  1. actully its the other way artound its longer yes but its thinner.
  2. are you sure thats ganna work. it sounds kinda like tricky. and im not the best like guitar fixer. so idk. like cause if it falls out i screwed
  3. hey i jsut got my les paul standard epiphone of course. and the first day i played it and the strap holder thing fell out and my guitar tumbled to the floor cracking. i have gotten a new one because it hasent been 2 days old from guitar center. but they also recomended me strap locks. i tryed using them but the screw is to small. is there any way how i can make it work. or get a different screw. or special straplcoks just for les pauls. i really need your help. and dont suggest me to slam my guitar into the floor.
  4. im also 13 but i prefer a les paul. and dude dont get the faded it looks like its used get like the cherry one. and not the black either cause it leaves finger prints and it looks ridiculous.
  5. Hey. i just got my epiphone les paul standard and i look at the humbuckers and they are crooked. one is slanting to the side and the other is way to low i think like right under the plastic around it. im pretty new to electric guitars so i dont know what to do. itll help alot if u tell me what to do and where it is cause its kinda confusing.
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