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  1. I've got some schaller strap locks on my G400 and I wouldn't freak out over the whole stand thing. Just be careful with it but don't mark off stands entirely. As far as cables go, I like Monster cables, a cable is a cable pretty much but the monster ones are pretty long and durable. The only downside is that they're kinda expensive at $30 (Imo). GC
  2. When I emailed Gibson they said something like this: "We currently do not have any freebies to give out but we can inform you when we do." I'm wondering if they will actually "inform me"... GC
  3. Here's the worst Strat on the thread. Indiana Stratocaster Copy GC
  4. Don't know what the quality of the AJ-1 is, but they're awfully cheap today on the stupid deal of the day on MF. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-AJ1-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=518681 GC
  5. Well there have been a lot of LP vs. SG things so I decided to make a strat vs. LP. GC
  6. I like it but only with that maple natural finish (don't know what to call it...). I also love the feel of maple necks so that could be pretty cool. GC
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