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  1. I love my wildkat too but there are a few mods I've done that are a must. First you must change out the wiring harness with better quality sheilded coax, next that soft nut as to go, try bone. Then switch those tuners out with locking ones from guitarfetish.com and install a roller bridge. These mods have made this guitar my everyday player. stays in tune and has a great clean sound out of all my amps. Happy New Year!
  2. After re-wiring with better coax, my 2014 wildkat, it is no longer muddy! I notice other epi owners complaining about the same issue. Was thinking of purchasing a epi LP model. Was wondering about this problem being endemic to this line. After all, when you build budget guitars, you have to cut corners some place. A soft nut, cheaper tuners, stuff like that are easy to remedy but a re-wire can be a bit more tricky depending on the instrument. Do any of you epiphone experts know what the skinny is on this issue. Is the whole line using this cheep, hi-Z coax?
  3. A few months ago I stumbled on a article about the Muddiness in the epiphone wildkat. The problem seems to be in the hi Z wiring they used. Check out Award-sessions,com for an explanation. After changing out the wiring harness with better mini coax, all the brights came back. I also wired it with a 3way switch, 1 tone , one volume. Cutting out even more high frequency killing wire. The tone knob is useful now.
  4. Have any of you Kat players installed a Fishman power ridge? If so, does it fit in existing holes? How about sound. Pros, Cons. Thanks.
  5. Can anybody tell me which locking tuners will fit on an Alleykat?
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