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  1. Just thought other AL ES-355 owners would be interested in this. A friend has a picture of my 355 on his flickr and someone contacted him about buying it. My friend forwarded the email to me and I responded that mine wasn't for sale, but that I knew a local shop still had one and he should try there. The guy wrote back sometime later, thrilled that he'd been able to find a brand-new 355 for retail. Turns out he'd been prepared to pay MANY times the original price. He hadn't gotten a single nibble for ANYONE he contacted before he found me. So there are still people out there HUNGRY for this guitar and the ones that do have one AREN'T selling. Any other AL ES-355 owners have people approach them interested in buying?
  2. Sorry to hear about your problems - I've had no problems with mine at all. A little fretboard shrinkage (it's extremely dry here) but nothing's gone wrong. I think I got a great one (AL 034). Unearthly light still appears every time I open the case (still no yellowing of the finish).
  3. Admin: I was in my local guitar shop on Saturday and saw a red Les Paul Axcess. Was this a one-off the Custom Shop did or will it become a standard color in 2009?
  4. PJLCC14 has been hassling me with private messages. I'd post them here but they aren't funny enough. I've asked him to try harder. He's definitely trying to come off as a hardass and is trying to bully me off the board (the first one started with "listen sonny...." - how awesome is that?). It's even lamer than what he posts here in public. Dimwits like this really don't like having their opinion questioned. When it happens, they feel they aren't being "allowed" to say what they want. It's a really childish view of the world. Seriously dude - have some dignity. I apologize to everyone else here -- watching me swat these flies must be getting boring...
  5. Sparky: expecting anything more than a first grade reading level from those two halfwits is too much to hope for. As for them needing refreshers, I'd suggest a rigorous course of Hooked On Phonics and some basic composition skills. Once they can read and write like third graders, THEN we could throw something complicated at them like the Gibson Forums rules. I'd be sad if Tweedledee and/or Tweedledum were banned. Reading their bizarre, fractured English has been useful cautionary tale. Stay In School, you kids reading this forum.
  6. Really?! Personally, I wouldn't let him speak for a lemonade stand. Are you guys sure you were watching the new Rush DVD? If I were you, given the clarity of thought displayed in your posts, I'd doublecheck you weren't watching a Jonas Brothers disc by mistake.
  7. Well, to judge from the gorgeous alpine white EDS-1275 he broke out during his acceptance speech, I'd say Gibson...
  8. Work on your reading comprehension skills. I wasn't talking about the volute. I was talking about the expectation that the guitar would be an exact re-creation of Alex's which should have been gone as soon as news of the change in neck came out. I agree the thread should be locked - if Mr. Gibson himself can't convince these types, there's no hope.
  9. Check earlier in the thread for the answer from Mr. Gibson HIMSELF! Your troubled mind will be put at ease at last.
  10. You're not speaking on behalf of anyone else who bought the guitar - only yourself. Do you really think there's an explanation other than it's a trivial design mistake that doesn't affect the sound, playability or look of the guitar? Since you keep asking the same question over and over and keep getting no answer from Gibson, why not just re-read the middle part of the thread over and over? We love the guitar. Alex FREAKING Lifeson loves the guitar. Time to move on. QED.
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