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  1. I totally agee. My 06 G400 is absolutley fantastic! It was built at the EE factory. Those of you who keep saying that all the Korean made models are better are just wrong. You can't generalize like that. I have a Korean made LP that is ok. Nothing that great. J. Smith - How can you say you didn't like a Chinese made Ibanez, and somehow apply that to all guitars made in China. That is just idiotic. I know nothing about that Ibanez factory. But I do know that Epiphone owns, and runs the EE factory itself. You can't say ALL guitars built in China are ANYTHING! Because they are not all the same
  2. Epiphone and the U.S. can do whatever they want. Until CHINA does something the problem will just get worse. China does little, to nothing to manufacturers of fakes. So why would they ever stop? It HAS to come from China.
  3. I don't know much about those guitars at all. But I do know they are high end guitars made very well. So $406 bucks seems too cheap.
  4. Why do you want to paint it? I think it looks great the way it is.
  5. I'm with you Crimson. If somebody wants to murder Paul, they will. They don't need to go to Isreal to do it. In fact, I would argue that it would be much more difficult to do something there than it would be here. And I really think islamic terrorists have more on their minds than assasinating Paul.
  6. Hi tab! Welcome. I just wanted to let you know that you're in the wrong part of the forum to get the answers you need. Try posting over at the Electric Guitar Forum. This part of the forum is for feedback for the Adm.
  7. You have more money invested in cases than I do guitars. I am so envious! I sure hope you have insurance.
  8. Ted Nugent has been one of my favorite guitarists for the past 30 years. He can play amazingly fast, shredding when needed (Wang Dang Sweet Poontang), or play slow and melodic, often using his volume knob for swells (Stranglehold). Some of his albums I don't like and never listen to them, even though I own them. And some of his albums are my favorite of any guitarist. He puts on a hell of a show too. I would love to have that guitar signed by him. And to have played the guitars you said you did. Priceless!!
  9. The last thing on my mind would be playing a guitar. But I do hope that I'd be playing a harp.
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