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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement Truss Rod Cover for my 2 year old J-45? Thanks.
  2. Anyone play one of these newer Gibsons? Thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Enjoy... http://www.josephkaynephoto.com/20010035bw.htm
  4. I am thinking of purchasing a sunburst J-45 built anytime before 1970...Please post any photos so I can wet my whistle!!!! Thanks. The Chief.
  5. They are both great in their own ways. I have heard some say that the SJ-300 has a muddy deep end but I don't find it that way. Anyone has an experience with a muddy deep end?
  6. Which sound do you like better, the rosewood back of the 300 or the maple back of the 200?
  7. Hey Don, thanks for noticing!!!! Joe..
  8. I have a Rosewood J-45 that was signed by Kris Kristofferson when he was visiting Gibson Montana negotiating for his signature Southern Jumbo. It is signed on the top of the guitar in a place that does not get bothered when playing...Love the sound of this geetar.
  9. Anyone seen or played one of these? Opinions?
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