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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone!(apologies to mr.soul i had no idea...........) Does anyone know were the supernova fits into this? It looks amazing in man city blue-is it up there with the sheratons et al?
  2. cheers mr brown that does help-especially cos i have quite small hands and favour small necks.
  3. ok fair enough its best then i stick to guitars i can play before i buy then? Is ebay a bad idea regarding epiphone semi-hollows? Also what factories are better than others? Are some years better than others too? i mean i will probable be only able to purchase ones from the last 10/20 years cos of cost.
  4. hi was just wondering is there much differerance in build quality in these guitars:- sheraton lucille riviera I'm desperate for a semi-hollow but all the guitars ive played cant match epiphones for build quality(ive only played a sheraton). Also would anyone recomend one much more than the others? Any help is much appreciated.
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