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  1. Ok dude i just swapped my historic spec tuners out for a new set of Gibson vintage tuners. I looked on here to try to find some tips on how to do this before starting. I too watched the youtube clip of the guy with the tele but my bushings were jammed in so tight that his rotary method of loosening the bushings did not work. So here's what i did. Flip the guitar over and find a flat head screw driver thats slim enough to fit into the hole but wide enough to catch on the bottom of the bushing. Then get a hammer and give the screwdriver a little tap tap taperoo. be gentle but firm enough to get them started. Give a tap check to see if they've moved. Another tap, another look and so on. once you get them raised of the surface of the headstock you'll soon be able to just grab them and pull them out!!! I'm sure after 8 weeks you've found a solution to this problem so i post this as a way of perhaps helping a future LP owner wondering how to get tough bushings out when swapping tuners. Happy pickin ya'll
  2. Rushview ty for your post but I know all that stuff............ its real opinions from people using burstbuckers in the field that im after.
  3. Hi all just wondering if you could help me on something. I much prefer the burstbuckers in my R0 to the ceramic humbuckers in my les paul classic so i was thinking about putting some BB's into the classic. Will this be a simple swap? Sizes match? etc and which burstbuckers would you recommend? I think the R0 has burstbucker#1 in the neck and BB#2 in the bridge but i wouldnt mind some feedback on the other BB's and how they differ. Thanks all! Happy pickin
  4. ESP give them to much cash. We all saw what happened when James started using the 73 black beauty, ESP freaked out and released some gay version of it and asked James to use theirs instead on stage. I would love to see a Gibson custom shop replica of James' Turkish Cross LP but I wont hold my breath. you only have to watch Some kind of monster to see that both Metallica guitarists love to use Gibson just as much ESP these days, if not more. Please Gibson make something happen!!
  5. This is what i do and my guitars get 50 sets of strings a year
  6. I bought the R0 after playing both and I'm so glad i did. The neck just feels so comfy to play for hours and always feels like coming home after playing 50's necks IMO. R0's aren't everywhere too like the R8's and R9's seem to be
  7. My R0 had a little fret buzz that disappeared as son as I played the guitar a few times and the neck/timbers settled in. You may have to adjust the neck relief. There are plenty of threads posted on this topic but in general a good move is to take it to an experienced guitar tech before doing this. Dont be scared to play with the height of yoursaddles which is just as easy as turning the height adjustment wheels. this may not fix your fret buzz issue though because you may have to raise the bridge too high for your taste in order to eliminate the buzz. Take it to your local gibson dealers recomended tech. He'll more than likely be the guy in your hood who handles more Lp's than any other guy. Goodluck and welcome to the Gibson Family. You wont look back
  8. Leave it dont touch it. I mean its your guitar buddy but seriously once you F$%K with them they dont look the same. IMO
  9. PRS IMO are a gay version of a Les Paul.
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