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  1. Hi

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

    My photo here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses EpiSheriMan

  2. Thanks for the reply Seasoned NYer. Yes, Faber make the one I was looking at in my link above. I was hoping someone on the forum has had experience with either Faber Wraptonate model or the Tonepros models...
  3. I'm pretty sure it's TKL, however, possiblly out of a Chinese factory. My new 2018 LP Junior case had a "Made In China" tag in the red lining. TKL csess are made in Canada...
  4. In my opinion you really can't beat the Hiscox PRO-II-EG case. Best protection for the price point no contest. I have two, they are the best cases I own. https://www.hiscoxcases.com/product/gibson-les-paul-style-electric-guitar-case/
  5. I picked a beautiful 2018 Les Paul Junior a few months ago. It's a lovely guitar but the stock wraparound just isn't doing it for me. Can't seem yo get the damn intonation right. Does anyone have any experience with either of the following aftermarket tailpieces: Faber Wraptonate Wraparound Bridge Tailpiece Here or TonePros AVT2 Wraparound Guitar Bridge with Locking Studs Here
  6. Cheers Alex! Hmmmm, that's interesting that you refer to my CW as narrow nut as I always assumed that 42 mm was the more desirable wider nut on many earlier Gibson electrics and acoustics. In my mind the narrow nut was anything under 40 mm, or specifically 39.86 mm (1 9/16 inches) which started appearing in the mid 60's. I don't think I've ever seen, or played a 44 mm Gibson vintage acoustic....
  7. Don't forget there's an important difference between 'skinny' and 'narrow'. The mid/late 60's Gibsons adopted the narrower nut. Both my of Gibsons are from this period but have the wider nut, but different neck shapes. My '63 CW has a 42mm nut but a skinny neck. My '64 J-50 has a wide nut and a slighty chunkier neck. ;) So your issue is square or slope shoulder? What's the neck profile?
  8. Hey Alex, Mine is a skinny neck as per many of the 60's Gibson's but it has the wider nut. Whats yours like?
  9. From the picture 5 she clearly needs neck re-set which will cost you $$$$...
  10. Thanks Boyd (BTW, I think that link is broken) Don't think they actiually sell tuning pegs anymore direct on https://store.gibson.eu.com For me these are similar to the tonepros and therefore require drilling which for obvious reasons I'm reluctant to do on a vintage guitar. Hence my search for a 'drop-in' replacement.
  11. Spot on with the bridge E-minor7! From memory it originally had a plastic bridge which came in the case from the previous owner. Strings wise on generally on Martin 12's Unfortunately, I'm not to handy with recording (...or playing for that matter ) but I did record her with a Zoom HD seven years ago when I had four seperete Gibsons in the house. I'll try and find the recording and post it.
  12. Looks like a cool guitar with a cool story to me. But its always best to do your homework when buying vintage. I'd ask the seller for more info regarding the neck re-set and how much saddle is left. IMO I think well under $2,000 would be a fair price if everything checks out. BTW - My '63 CW (See below) is the best sounding vintage Gibson I've ever heard. I recently took it to two well know UK Luthiers to get a re-fret quote recently and they were blown away. Good luck!
  13. Dude that's a great cover of a great Band of Horses track! Well done! Is it in standard tuning?
  14. Thanks four post Blind boy! I'm in the UK and have ordered from Stew mac in the past but you have to watch the import duty which can get expensive. I always try to find a Euro option to avoid the added charges.
  15. I posted a similar thread on this earlier this week. I'm going to try the German made relic'ed Faber's and change the Tulips for white buttons to be period correct with my Country & Western. These look like a better option than the Tonepros as I won't require drilling https://faberusa.com/product/3503-faber-vintage-style-3x3-tuners-aged-nickel/ I'll let you know how I get on!
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