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  1. It's been a big help to me. Makes sense how chords are formed and where different voicings can be found throughout the fret board. I have not gotten through the scale section yet however!
  2. I've finally got my guitar where I like it so I turned my attention to researching amps. Since I'm on a limited budget I needed to buy the right amp the first time. I searched over a year playing lots of amps and listening to even more on YouTube etc. Then I had to find room in the budget, with three kids in school and sports that is easier said then done. I settled on an amp and then began the Ebay/Craig's list deal. I had several amps slip through my fingers but thats ok I guess. Last week I checked Craigs list and sure enough there is my amp in the price range I needed. I was pleased to find that I was the first caller. The price was good enough I did not risk trying to haggle. Today I met the seller who was a really stand up guy and we made the exchange. I rushed to my buddy's studio and we put it through it's paces. Within minutes my buddy says he's hooked. We were both blown away. I just can't get over how rich the tone is........AND FREAKIN LOUD! The amp..........a Blackstar HT-5 combo. It's absolutely mint for $275 I'm very proud to have such a fine peice for my first amp, although like my guitar I'm not envious of other amps at the moment! I can't wait to get to spend some time messin with my POD X3 Live through the effects loop.
  3. C.C. DeVille...........Cuz Every Rose has It's thorn's Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
  4. I'm actually thinking about buying a head, building a cabinet for a combo. I'd put my own speakers in it... Just dreaming at this point. I still really like the Blackstar HT-5 though!
  5. I'm not thinking about re-sale, so I'm not sure where came in from. I am fully aware what a EVJ amp is worth. I was hoping some had some experience in re-building thier cabinet. My step Dad is retired and he does alot of woodworking for extra spending cash. All I would need to do is send him the materials. Who knows he might like to do others.
  6. I saw a fellow who ripped apart a Champ Junior and re-built it using really nice maple. He basically made a new cab with high quality wood. It was really beautiful. I was wondering if any of you have seen an EVJ done like that. I was thinking that an amp in flamed maple to match my guitar would be awesome. The wood working would be no problem.
  7. Ebay user name klskersey sold it to me. He said he has more so if you want one I'd contact him on Ebay.
  8. I sent a message to the seller to hopefully find out where they got it. I know several others are looking for the same strap. I sent a message to Gibson looking for them domestically and never got a response. If I hear anything back from either I'll letcha know!
  9. I've been looking for a leather Epiphone guitar strap for more than a year. It looks like a really nice strap and I like the fact it has an Epiphone logo on it. I had two in my sights on Ebay about a year ago and let them go not realizing how infrequently you see them in the States. So I held out and last night I saw a package on Ebay with a strap and some other candy listed. I bought it right away and I'm quite pleased with my score. I can't wait to get it and throw the strap locks on it. Best part is....................$27 shipped
  10. I've decided to pass.......Thanks!
  11. While I admit I have not done any testing on this, I have submitted to those statements made by guitarists and luthiers with more experience than me.
  12. Actually it reduces the string tension which makes bending easier. It also gives your hand a nice place to rest. But mainly it looks cool! hehehehe
  13. Well the install was a bit more involved than I had intended. I had to actually drill bigger holes in the headstock for the Grovers, which made me a little nervous. But it turned out pretty well. The new tail piece is in as well and as reported I can hear greater sustain and string to string clarity.
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