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  1. Korea I = Saein U = Unsung S = Samick P or R = Peerless K = Korea China DW = DeaWon EA = Gibson/QingDao EE = Gibson/QingDao MC = Muse SJ = SaeJung Z = Zaozhuang Saehan BW = China Japan No letter or F = FujiGen J or T = Terada Czech Republic B = Bohêmia Musico-Delicia Indonesia SI = Samick Example: U8034853 U = Unsung, 8 = 1998, 03 = March, 4853 = manufacturing number." So, according to wikipedia, 6054155 would be a japanese (no letter) may 96´ guitar?
  2. The serial number is 6054155 ... No letters... Only numbers...
  3. But i got the serial number... The guitar dater project web site says it was built in may '86... The serial number is something like 6054421...
  4. What´s up you guys?! My name is Mateus, from Brasil... I´d like to get information about my guitar... All I know is that it was built in '86, at a korean factory... Could someone tell me how good/bad could it be? I mean, about the wood used to built it, and the pickups and stuff... Is it better if we compare to the 2008 chinese ones, for example? All i heard was the late 80's were good, better than the ones made after '01... Thanks for the responses and sorry for my broken english...
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