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  1. Thanks Steve, did you ever feel the finish, rosette, or wood was at risk when pulling up the pickguard? Did it appear ro be glued on sticky backed tape? My guitar was made in Korea from 2001.
  2. Hi Forum, I recently pickup up on AJ-18S used and in decent shape. I was considering removing the dull looking pickguard. The color is ebony (black) so it should not show that bad once removed. My hope is better sound and better cosmetics. Has anyone tried removing a pickguard from AJ series acoustic guitars? I am assuming they are adhered by a sticky back tape and heating with a hair-driver should loosen the guard. Any advice or personal experiences to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. You are not going crazy. The same thing happened to me. Took a Epi SG off the rack. tried to wedge it into a just received TKL case and it would not fit. I notice the same issue with the molded SKB cases. Gator makes a Deluxe wood case that fits the Epi SG pretty well.
  4. Hi Forum, I was going to purchase a new new TKL case for my SG G-310 from a local music store. We pulled a Epi SG from the rack and I was surprised it would not fit. The lower bout of the case seemed to narrow. Are the TKL case not for Epiphone SGs? I was really surprised. Thanks
  5. Tpurg, Did the Gibson knobs fit ok on your G-310. I was told they would not. Tom
  6. Hi everyone. It has been awhile since I posted. I just purchased a 2010 made in China Epi SG G-310. I am having a hard time finding a replacement toggle switch cap in cream that will screw over the shaft. The Gibson cap is too big and the metric cap will not screw on at all, too small. Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have a AJ-200S (from China) and entertaining the idea of either removing the original pick-guard or replacing it with a actual Gibson J45 style. Has anyone out there attempted this? Two things I am afraid of: 1. A finish defect under they pickguard. 2. Hurting the guitar somehow by removing the pickguard. This guitar is a vintage sunburst. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this successfully? Is there glue residue under these pickguards? Any suggestions or past experience war-stories would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. HI, I recently purchased a AJ-200S and realy like it. Only problem is, I realy don't like the "E" emblem on the pickguard. Last night I softened the adhesive under the emblem with alcholol and it popped right off. The bad news is, they (China) layed would looks a single drop of super glue under the emblem as extra assurance the double stick tape won't fail. I chipped away most of the glue with an exacto-knife and did some light sanding with 2000 grit sandpaper until smooth. Next step will be to polish out the 2000 grit scratches on her pickguard. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to finish this job properly? Thanks!
  9. Hi, can anyone recommend a good guitar polish? I used to use Martin guitar polish until they changed it a few years back. Now I use Ernie Balls, but it seems to leave a greasy silcone feel on the guitar. I have not tried Dunlops polish yet, any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Here on the west coast USA, VS EJs are plentiful. Musicians Friend has them, and also Guitar Center here locally, not sure if they ship internationally. My understanding is they come from Indonesia, then to Epi in Nashville, USA for inspection and set-up.
  11. Hi..I just bought a new Epi AJ-200S from GC. It sounds great and I am very happy with her. I do have a question, the saddle looks like bone (or at least the color does). Is this plastic or could Epi have slipped a few bone saddles in on this AJs from China? When the saddle is dropped on a hard surface it has a bright tink sound much like Tusq but the color is white. Also, this saddle is translucent meaning I can shine a flashlight on the opposite side of it and see shadows from the strings thru the material. Not sure if this is possible with bone....or is it? I have seen Epi plastic saddles have more of a yellowish color in the past. What do you guys think? I have a pic in my avatar below. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I am struggling buying the "right" case for my EJ-200. I tried a form fit (plastic) TKL case, which I liked, but it was too tight and hard to push down....not good, I think this was because the cut-out for the mustache-bridge was not large enough. The Jumbo case that Gator makes looks very much like the plastic TKL, I wonder if the bridge cut-out has the same issue. Any experiences out there trying to find a case for the EJ jumbos? I prefer the lighter cases. Thanks!
  13. Hi, my question is do the Masterbuilts actualy use real bone nut and saddles or are they "synthetic" bone? Is this also true with the new Texan re-issue? Where the saddle is compensated on the B-string, this would be difficult with real bone. Let me know if I am wrong. Thanks,
  14. I can say this, after trying 6 Indonesian EJ200s to find one good one, the Korean Epi's seem to use better materials and have better fit and finish. The used value of the guitar you are talking about can range from $250-$300. I like Korean Epiphones over Indonesian made models. Best of luck.
  15. HI, I was curious if anyone here has owned or had any experience with the scaled down verision of the EJ200, "the Limited." The specs appear to be the same except for the mustache bridge, ornate pick-guard, and crown fret markers. Amazingly the Limited version is half the price. Do they play and as good as the original fancy EJ200s? Thanks!
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