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  1. vourot

    Sg 2017

    I was lucky enough to snag a 2011 61-reissue about a year and a half ago. I never thought I would buy another Gibson. Its black, it has a small pick guard, it has the 57 classic pick ups and it has nice bevels and a rosewood fingerboard. A 61 re-issue was the guitar I always wanted, until I discovered G&L. I play it a lot more than I expected too. So, for all intents and purposes, my 2017 Gibson SG preferences were met in 2011 ( although I didn't even know it ). I don't even have any pictures uploaded to photobucket, which is a shock.
  2. I'll vote Am for the key. Am - E7 - Gsus4 - Fsus4...... Good thread. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the acoustic forum is the only one on this sight worth reading.
  3. Good post. Every once in a while it happens on this forum .
  4. Really , really nice collection you have there R9. How is your Swart? I have been curious about those. Axe and you shall receive is a great site. I bought a BYOC British blues over drive from him a couple of years ago. Only took four days for it to arrive. He has an amazing selection and I will deal with him again no question.
  5. Good for you. I know you have probably bought and sold a lot of guitars over the years, but that seems to be a phenominal deal for the LP. Did you you know the guy? Or were you just really patient about waiting for something to come up? I only ask because I never see prices like that for guitars like that. Well done.
  6. People will come around. Its already grown on me. But I like the slope shoulders.
  7. If I'm honest with myself, the pickguard looks a lot like an H- birds. Who's kidding who? Except Sparrow's like sailing.
  8. I just bought the "Some Girls, Texas 1978 " tour Blueray. If you like the stones, its a keeper......
  9. You can't go wrong with Ampkit and Guitartool kit. They are by far my most used apps. I haven't warmed up to tab toolkit though, guess I need to give it more of a chance.
  10. "Love" is one of my favorite albums. So many good songs. Great guitar riffs.
  11. I really liked it when I was kid. Not so much now.
  12. I have those cracks on my Fender Jazz Bass. They appear to be finish only.
  13. If you have either an iphone or an itouch Guitar Toolkit is a must have. Tuner ( 55 for guitar ) metronome, chords, scales its the most used app on my iphone by far.
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