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  1. I have the 2016 model. I have been very impressed. Do it!
  2. Beauty... True blues beast. Hope you have a porch to go with your new guitar!
  3. Thanks for all of the comments and the great discussion! I fully agree with the suggestion that Blues can be played on any guitar (It is in the heart/fingers). I have a wonderful Larrivee OM-50. That said, I am looking for a smaller guitar. It will be strictly for the blues. Something to sit back on the couch (or outside on the deck) and play some country blues. After the Gibson 'thump'. This gets me into the L1, L-00 or LG-2. Unfortunately I am in the boonies... not many guitars near me. I am just wondering about pros and cons. I am also wondering about a 12 vs 14 fretter. Thnaks!
  4. ^^ Very well said. I like your attitude! :)
  5. Sold...oh well. Will keep looking. LG-2 AE is available. Looking for a blues box. LG-2 comparable to L-00?
  6. Hi, I have come across a newer L-00 that has the silk screen (script) Gibson logo. It has the vintage style tuners. Any idea of what year (and specific model) it could be? thanks
  7. Look for a vintage SFVC. I have a '69. smooooooothhhhhhhhh!
  8. Epi + Silver face vibro champ is creamy smooth!
  9. Just searched Wanda King on Spotify. Smooth voice. Freddie would be proud! Not a huge fan of the way Spotify treats aritists, but she needs more listeners on Spotiy!
  10. Huge Freddie King fan (fan of all three Kings). Have an Epi Lucille. Love it. I would buy an Epi or Gibson Freddie model in a heartbeat.. I didn't know his daughter played. Am interested in her tunes.
  11. Because you would need to look here... http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/forum/10-sg/
  12. Awesome! The 2002-2007 period was a great run for Gibson!
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