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  1. I have. 2011 Hummingbird. Picked it up used at Guitar Center 4 years ago for $199 including a new Epi HS Case. The top has opened up nicely and is almost as loud as my mid-2000’s Masterbilts. Will never sell. Great slim neck, great action. I hate to to call it my beater, but I travel more with it because it holds its own and is damn pretty.
  2. Plant S - Smack Year 00 - 2000 Month 04 - April 0005 Unit number 0005
  3. Made in the Samick plant in 1996, November. No 7420.
  4. Unloaded mine also because of this issue. POS. Never really bonded with it either.
  5. Where did you pick this baby up? And how much?
  6. Main reason I got rid of mine. Love Epiphones, but that is a design flaw I would not live with.
  7. Nice 12 string. I have an AJ-18s with a solid top from early 2000 that plays like butter. Thinking about investing putting in electronics. Will cost more than I paid for the guitar, but well worth it. The sloped shoulder jumbos boom in voice. Enjoy.
  8. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Mgrasso

  9. Those are sweet looking. Different pickup choices would be nice. P-90s and Mini’s.
  10. Not sure, but interesting. Checking the back of the headstocks on the 500 at Sweetwaters site shows the same Epiphone branded tuners. Just stock photos of the AJ-45 with Grover’s.
  11. My first guitar was a Matsumoku EA-250 from the early 70's.But I loved the original designs from the 60's. When I started buying in the early 2000's, I almost every Korean Archtop I could. 1 or 2 still missing, but I have a good assortment.
  12. My Masterbilts are great, AJ-500RNS, AJ-500MNS, DR-500PNS. But my $199 Hummingbird with Hardshell case is hot on their trail. (Sorry for the large photos)
  13. You’re right. The cherrys never seem to come up. There are 3 Pelham blue up on eBay. I chose the white. Had to go through 3 to find one with no flaws. Good luck with your hunt.
  14. I enjoy playing my AJ-500mns, DR-500PNS and AJ-500rns as much if not more than my 06 Martin DC Aura ($3,600 new) and Takamine GB7 ($1,500 new). To me the first 5 years of Masterbilts were the best. Higher figured woods for the necks and backs. I had another AJ-500mns from 2010 and the back and neck were very plain. Still was a great playing guitar. The AJs have a slimmer neck profile than the Maple DR, but not too thick and the maple is so much brighter. It's a shame their Archtop series are not all solid wood. Returned the Deluxe I ordered. It felt too light and cheap in my hands. I just could not bond with it. And at that price, I would go with the Loar 700. Solid wood construction and real flame maple sides and backs.
  15. As you can see by my signature, I am mostly an Epiphone fan. I have 2 Epi LPs, but the rest are Archtops or acoustics (the 355 is kind of a fluke and will be the next to go) My first guitar was an Epiphone in 1971. Although it sa a Matsumoku, non-spec reissue, the brand, logo and everything else just satisfied me. Fast forward to the early 2000s, and I started collecting Korean Epis. Had the money for Gibson, but stayed with my brand. Not a big fan of the MB Century Archtops. Felt too cheap in my hands. The new 100th anniversary John Lee Hooker will probably have me selling the 355 and picking up that. Even though from the initial videos, it looks plastic. Oh well. At least it is an original Epi design.
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