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  1. Love seeing all of these being produced in the USA. But how much tooling goes into the Frontier than the Texan for doubling the price. Granted, bound fretboard, fancier pickguard and solid maple, but I think the additional price is to keep it close to the Dove so not to push away potential Dove buyers.
  2. They are fun to play. Offer $100 and settle for $120.
  3. That is beautiful. Solid rosewood and beautiful abalone purffing. A true D-40 killer. How does it play?
  4. I have checked online stores and have not found the AJ45 with the older Masterbilt headstock and parallelogram neck inlays. Where did you find this? Was this a Canadian exclusive?
  5. I wished I had jumped on the Hummingbird 12 string when they hit GC and Musician's Friend. They are now on back order. and at 48 months same as cash financing, That was a no brainer. Oh well, I just have to enjoy my Frontier until they restock and offer the 48 months again.
  6. The funny thing, if you can call it funny, these were in stock at Musicians Friend and I bought it, 2 weeks before my rotator cuff surgery (last Friday). So She is waiting for me to pick her up again. But at least I got one.
  7. Seems like they removed the pages on some. Cannot locate the Riveriera.
  8. Thanks Red. I was very disappointed with the Century Masterbilts. I bought the deluxe, but for $900 (initially), They felt cheap compared to the original Masterbilts. Plus for that price point to have laminated back and sides, well, it just was not for me. Even Loar can produce an under $1K archtop with solid backs and sides. This was a sigh of relief. I cannot wait to get the Excellente.
  9. I finally found the new Epiphone Masterbilt Frontier. She will be a great sister to my Masterbilt DR-500PNS. This has the Indian Laurel fret board. I have not had the chance to add some lemon oil to it yet and hope it darkens up a little. The bridge is also pretty dry. The comparisons are fairly similar except the DR has a rosewood fretboard, the neck is a little wider. The Frontier has a thinner and narrower neck, but not a deal breaker. They both ring like only solid maple does. I have Rosewood and Mahogany backs and sides on Dreds and Advance Jumbos, and love them, but m
  10. I have early 2000's AJ-500RNS, AJ-500MNS, DR-500PNS and a brand new Masterbilt Frontier (photos soon). I was not impressed with the AJ-45ME when I played one compared to the above. Maybe it was the shorter scale. Not sure. I will now look at putting electronics into each. I would go with the new Masterbilt Texan before I would go with the AJ45ME. I will also get the new Masterbilt Excellente when they become available. Just my 2 cents.
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