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  1. Something I've seen in nearly all of the video tutorials on rewiring/upgrading your guitar is the use of a multimeter. They're not overly expensive and can help you to quickly pinpoint the part that is causing all the trouble. You don't mention having used one while troubleshooting, so I thought I just throw this in FYI. I hope you get your wiring fixed soon!
  2. Thanks for the link and schematic! I wouldn't be doing it myself, I'd probably get myself killed, but I know a good amp tech in my area. I'll send the stuff to him and ask if it can be done and for how much. Just that no one seems to have tried this mod already, makes me wonder if it's possible at all.
  3. Thanks to the advice you all have given me in my "amplifier advice" thread, I've located a BC30 and put out a bid on it. It's even got the footswitch with it as well, lucky me :) Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone been able to mod in an effects loop? I did read in this thread that some have looked into it and deemed it a complex mod.
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