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  1. Something I've seen in nearly all of the video tutorials on rewiring/upgrading your guitar is the use of a multimeter. They're not overly expensive and can help you to quickly pinpoint the part that is causing all the trouble. You don't mention having used one while troubleshooting, so I thought I just throw this in FYI. I hope you get your wiring fixed soon!
  2. Thanks for the tip Mud Guy! I've checked the site, it appears they're already sold out. Also, no dealer in my country unfortunately :(
  3. Thanks Jonny! I've checked out the link you posted and listened to a couple of soundclips. Nice! Unfortunately no dealer in my country, I could have them shipped but that would be extra shipping/handling cost. I've also had someone point me to GFS pickups. American store brand, apparently quite nice, and there's a guy I know who imports them. I might give those a try. Or I might bump into something nice on the 2nd hand market. Also, I've decided to make this a joint project with my oldest son. Get that father/son bonding thing going y'know. :)
  4. Lefty Bill, thank you for your reply! Very helpful. I'll give my project some more thought.
  5. I have two more questions: Would it be possible to coiltap the current alnico humbuckers that are in my Wilshire? Would Wilkinson Zebra pickups be an upgrade compared to my current pickups?
  6. Awesome Jonny, thank you very much!
  7. Thanks for the comments! Yeah I've been considering coilsplitting or coiltapping, but I don't know how much more complicated that would be compared to standard humbuckers. Also, I've not considered caps at all... A complete rewiring package may definitely be a smart way to go. I'll have another look!
  8. Hey Epifans, I still have my first guitar, which is an older Epiphone Wilshire reissue. The one with the fullsize Alnico humbuckers. See my profile picture It was a budget guitar and I've been having great fun playing it. But now it's beginning to deteriorate. The pots are unstable, knobs come off, the jack is wobbly, and its tone is turning into a tin can full of angry bees. So it's time to get her back to her former glory, and beyond! I've done some searching and researching and I've come up with a couple of replacements. Since I'm new at guitar modding, can you please help me by looking over my list? Have I chosen the correct components, technically? Have I missed something? Do you think they will fit into a Wilshire body? How easy/difficult will it be for a novice to install these components? I must say, all the Wilshire components are attached to the pickguard so it's relatively easy to reach/wire. I think. 1x Göldo Trim Socket J002B BK 2x Gibson Poti 300kO Linear Taper Short (volume pots) 2x Gibson Pot 500kO Short (tone pots) 1x Gibson Toggle Switch Angle 1x Seymour Duncan SSH-JB Hot Rodded Humbucker Set (bridge + neck) I chose the JB's because I'd like more distortion and sustain from this guitar, without having to go to active pups. I'll be playing it through a Laney VC30 which doesn't have high gain distortion (but a gorgeous bluesy growl and clean bells to die for, hehe). The JB's are also affordable, €125 for the set. So thanks in advance for your help, its highly appreciated!
  9. Hey MudGuy, The extension cab is wonderful, it makes the sound "bigger", with some added punch and beautiful deep end. It's a closed back cab, while the amp is open back. This, I think, is the main reason why it adds to the complete tone, instead of just providing more of the same (if that makes sense lol).
  10. Thanks for the bump AF, very helpful! In my other thread I mentioned the Okko Twinsonic, I really love it's subtle overdrive and clean boost.
  11. Thanks! The Vintage is my baby, she plays like a dream, lightweight, very versatile with coilsplit/tap and the different combinations in pups. I'm still discovering sounds. The Laney just makes it better, and I feel for the first time that I'm actually hearing what my hands are doing. The amp is responsive and has a nice punch when I dig into the strings. Sometime when I get a proper mic, I'll make some recordings.
  12. Hey people, It took a bit of time, but I've finally made a decision on which amp to buy and I picked it up from its previous owner this evening. It's a Laney VC30 1x12 with matching 1x12 cab. I'm very happy with them! It was a close call between the Epi BC30 and this one, but the Epi's all got sold right from under my nose or broke down.. this Laney simply fell into my lap. Its got this amazing, sparkly, round clean tone, and a gorgeous growl when you push the tubes. Yep, this will be keeping me company for quite a while. So everyone who helped me, thank you for your advice and insights!
  13. Thanks for the link and schematic! I wouldn't be doing it myself, I'd probably get myself killed, but I know a good amp tech in my area. I'll send the stuff to him and ask if it can be done and for how much. Just that no one seems to have tried this mod already, makes me wonder if it's possible at all.
  14. Thanks to the advice you all have given me in my "amplifier advice" thread, I've located a BC30 and put out a bid on it. It's even got the footswitch with it as well, lucky me :) Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone been able to mod in an effects loop? I did read in this thread that some have looked into it and deemed it a complex mod.
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