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  1. They used the Pyramid flats early in their career, and went to roundwounds later as they became more readily available.
  2. That guitar is so awful, it makes me angry.
  3. Stig

    Boo-Boo Rings

    Wouldn't that be too thick? These are made of very thin, flexible plastic.
  4. All the faded Gibson's I've tried felt like they were finished with house paint.
  5. On another forum I'm in, a few people have bought these, and sold them not too much later. They're gorgeous, but the people I know said they just didn't bond with them for some reason.
  6. Stig

    Boo-Boo Rings

    First time I bought a set, that's what the guy called them. I've heard "Goof Rings" too, but forgot the term until someone said it here. :)
  7. Stig

    Boo-Boo Rings

    Wow. Many views - no responses.
  8. Stig

    Boo-Boo Rings

    Does anyone know of anywhere one can get those creme colored plastic rings they used to put on Deluxes to cover mistakes? I got some from Gibson years ago to replace the originals, but didn't do a very good job of installing them. Now, I can't find them anywhere. Suggestions? I'm referring to the rings around the P-90's. (It was made between 71 and 73. It originally had the mini-buckers.)
  9. I can't blame a company for wanting to try new things, but does every stupid, ugly, self-indulgent idea your design department has have to actually go to market? And with an outrageous price tag? Really, that is the single most offensive thing since the reverse Flying V. And the Zoot Suit SG. And the RD series. And... you get the idea. I think that I've turned the corner, and I now officially hate Gibson. I'm keeping my Goldtop and my Casino, but no more business for you.
  10. Dave also used a Guild Starfire pretty extensively.
  11. I own a Chinese-made vintage sunburst Casino with the factory-installed Bigsby. I finally got to play an IBJL Casino today, and I can't say that I like it any better than the one I have. In fact, I liked it less. And now I feel a lot better (less jealous) about the fact that I don't have one!
  12. I have the burst with a Bigsby. I'm going for the George look.
  13. The B7 or the B70 is what you need. The B7 is the American-made version.
  14. Totally true. There were a lot of crappy guitars made in the 60's that we remember fondly only because they're old. Every played an old Gretsch? They're really not that great.
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