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  1. sorry but nobody touches the gibsons.. the others can be dealt however they like!
  2. Ace, Page, Slash In no necessary order AT ALL
  3. bigsby...mmmm.... (homer simpson)
  4. Hey guys, i just wanna ask a quick and really noob question.. here we go.... i'm in ebay checking out the les pauls (what else...) and i've seen that some les pauls have different headstock tuners than the others (vintage style and stainless steel)... I have noticed another thing though.. between these two auctions.. A)AUCTION A AUCTION B DOES AUCTION A's (which I believe this guitar is a premium plus les paul) headstock larger than AUCTION B'S headstock (which is a standard one) or am I just stupid? (ok, be gentle here ;p ) Thanks!
  5. Hey guys.. I just wanted to ask about the vintage les paul that are around in the market.. (ebay ;p) Can you please explain me some things.. yeah it might sound a bit noob but anyway.. What is the most important factor of a vintage gibson les paul guitar have an increase in the price?? yeah i know that the year manufactured ( i.e 1976) and the condition of the guitar are the most important ones but are there any other factors that increase the price of the guitar?? does the model play any significant role? any specific year?? i've been seeing these les paul going for 38000 USD on ebay an
  6. ..sorry about that but i got too excited that i did not put the plastic cover which was in a small bag heheh yeah indeed guys, this is one helluva present for christmas.. tried so hard saving some $ for this baby.. oh and sound/feeling/craftmanship is just un-****ing-believable... the feeling of opening up the box was unique.. different from the other guitars that i opened the box and case for the first time (it might sound like im a weirdo..forgive me heheh) my first gibson... but definitely not my last :) oh and about treatment don't worry she will be treated like a queen:) cheers
  7. hey guys... finally... i didn't decide to buy the white. after long hours of negotiating to myself i finally decided to the black one. and did not regret it a single bit!!! anyway here it is..arrived this morning... did not gave her a name yet but will shortly!!!! p.s gotta need to wipe the dust off it a bit.. (with pleasure)
  8. well, of course i am still going to a dealer to check out closely and in person the white and black and then ill compare. ill write some commments of my thoughts about them here.
  9. yeah sorry wrong words used.. i meant more um... "rare"/valuable/not-so-common can i say?
  10. well... guys.. after a lot of thinking and cigarette use i came to this conclusion... WHITE IT IS... i know that most of you prefer the black one but i have my own little strange reasons... 1)i always wanted a white guitar 2)i find it more original that the black one 3)i prefer to have a historic black one and not a new one (as they are more beautiful as a relic) 4) i would like to see it in some years getting cream or yellow (as mentioned above, thanx) 5)im in love with it 6)very in love with it... wish me luck thanks for all your help!! George
  11. oh and by the way.. what's a regular price for a new one? black or white? thanks again!
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