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  1. Hello! I just have Epiphone Sg Special! I want to change the tuning machines,but i don't know,wich of them will fit,and wich ones is better... Thought about some grovers... Will VINTAGE (138 SERIES) fit on my SG,or I need to choose other ones? Thanks!
  2. It's looks sick ang strange Next time try to mix Explorer with an LP :D/ I Like Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Metallica...) ,this seems to be good for Death Metal
  3. I get a old tube amp from a radio,it works well,only need to make box for it and change the pot's and so on It sounds good for third class 70's tube amp
  4. Yesterday Bought a guitar stand,picks,and a guitar strap... Merry Crhristmas
  5. Ok here's my: I will change the speakers,and then it will be ok... So there is a Epi SG,Radiotehnika U-7111 Amp,and soviet time speaker...I think it all sound not bad,really,the old soviet speakers can be chrashed,they can be Thrown out on a window,but they will sound :D (just want to say,the speaker sounds better,than it looks :D ) I connect the guitar to PC,then the pc output to the amp
  6. I asked in Latvian guitar forum - Where I can get it,and i get answer - SG pickguard is very hard to find at local stores,because it's not a strat...I will try to get it at local stores...So the Goldo will fit?
  7. No,I want to set up '61 reissue pickguard on my Epiphone SG Special Like this one:
  8. Hi! I want to set up a 61' reissue style pickguard on my SG special,but my question is: They all will fit?Or there are diffrent sizes?They all have the same Length between pickups,or diffrent? Thanks,hope you'll understand,just my english isn't very good
  9. I like this guitar How it sound with the EMG's They are active or passive?
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