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  1. I put a cheap roller bridge on and it helped the tuning issue 90%...but when using the Bigsby the strings do get stuck in the nut. I have a graphite one on order. I was just wondering about the Wilkinson bridge because the roller bridge I have on now is pretty high. With the bridge as low as it can go right now the action is great, but in case I need it lower in the future I wanted to look into the Wilkinson roller bridge. The wilkinison style seems like the action could be set a little lower than the one I have on there now. thanks
  2. Hello has anyone tried mounting this Wilkinson roller bridge on a Wildkat? http://store.guitarfetish.com/wibrrobrlost.html This guitar rips but will not stay in tune. thanks guys
  3. Does anyone know the difference in the headstock angle of all the Casinos? What difference is there between the 17 degree and 14 degree angles? thanks
  4. thanks...yes that makes good sense....as always, check the specs!
  5. thanks...yes that makes good sense....as always, check the specs!
  6. thanks everyone for the tips....Are the GFS a direct install without any mods needing to be done?
  7. Hello Anyone changed the pickups on a Korean made Casino? Can anyone recommend any Pickups? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a Natural Sheraton II with cream colored pickup rings? If so post some photos please. I was thinking of switching it up when I change my pickups. Also would I get standard flat bottom rings? anyone? thanks
  9. I put a Seymore Duncan APH-1 in the bridge and an SH-2 in the neck position and changed the rest of the electronics to higher quality pieces in my Sheraton II. The sound difference was huge. A much more balanced sound and a more defined sound overall. Hope this helps out.
  10. awesome, Thanks guys....you guys are fast with speading the knowledge.
  11. Will any Seymour Duncan Pickup fit in a Korean Sheraton II? With covers too?
  12. hello I have a Korean Sheraton II. I want to replace the pickups. Looking for a kind of a soul/ funk/west african sound. Not too hot sounding. I'm looking into Seymore Duncan APH-1 and SH-2. Anyone have any experience installing these? I imagine they should fit with out any problems. Any info is appreciated. Also any other pickup recommendations are welcome too. thanks
  13. thanks for all the help. I ended up putting chrome Imperial Grovers on and they make a world of difference. Tuning, sustain and tone all improved. Next up upgrading the bridge and tailpiece. Anyone know if the metric sized Tonepros will fit without any modifications?
  14. I ended up putting Grover Imperials on and the tuning and sound is much improved. Thanks for the advice. next up is a new bridge and tail piece.
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