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  1. Waiting is hard. I waited 4 months for a repair a few years ago and got very anxious. It's hard to be patient when you want your favorite guitar back
  2. I'm no expert on these but there is a guy on this forum that can advise you. My 2 cents: because of the mods, it never will be worth much. You'll have to sink a couple of hundred in it for a neck reset and you'll still have about a $100 guitar at best. Keep it and have some fun learning to play slide.
  3. That's Bad News! Condolences to you cedartop. Like Dugly, I watch the humidity and keep it in the case. (not saying you didn't take precautions, it's just what I do) Recently I've started keeping it tuned a half step down. A side benefit to that is...............I found out I can sing! Good luck with the repairs.
  4. Keep us posted Dugly. I've got a Shure SM57 Mic on the way to try with the Epi. I'd still like a pickup in it though. I'd like to hear your opinions on pickup options eguitarnut!
  5. What was I thinking! No end pin here either. In fact I've never owned a guitar with an endpin. Sorry, got confused. I'd like to try to mic the guitar.............if I had another mic.
  6. Yeah Dugly I did try the goldbronzes, they're on the guitar now. I like em! Thanks for the recommendation. Did you see the "Don't want to drill out the endpin hole in your guitar?" link on this K&K page? http://www.kksound.com/purewestern.html Could this be used without voiding the warranty? Kind pricey though - $80.
  7. I got a Digitech Vocalizer for Christmas. Coolest gadget ever. It harmonizes your voice based on the guitar chords you're playing. It's fun to sound like CSN! So I need a pickup in the Epi. Any suggestions?
  8. It's not too impressive as an acoustic either but it gets a lot of attention. I like weird guitars and attention. It's pretty good through an amp though and fun to play. Mine is a blem I bought used and it was super cheap, it's become my travel guitar.
  9. Yeah the Cedar top, I was thinking that as well. Hard to say. I do have a Seagull 12 string with a cedar top and it seems fine. The others are all solid spruce tops. Well except for the Turser Craviola. It's supposed to be laminated Spruce so I don't think it really cares what the humidity is. So I've got the hydrometer back up in the 30s now and all is well. Thanks!
  10. I think you're right Dugly. I'm also wondering if the satin finish makes a difference. Moisture is able to evaporate twice as fast using both sides of the wood? Just a theory. Anyway I'm going to watch it much closer. I have the other guitars on wall hangers but I think the Epi will stay in the case with a humidifier during the heating season.
  11. Thanks for the advice! I usually watch the hydrometer pretty close but I was out of town for a few days when the cold weather hit. I think a larger room size humidifier is the way to go. I've got a small 2 gallon unit and it's not doing the job. I've got a Collings, A J-45, a Hummingbird and a couple of Taylors in the same room and aside from the Taylor sounding a little plunky, they suffered no ill effects. Just wondering if the Masterbilts are more sensitive that other solid wood guitars.
  12. Question for you Masterbilt owners: Does your Masterbilt dry out faster than other guitars? My AJ 500RC does! The humidity went down to 23% in the guitar room a few days ago. The Epi developed a small dip below the bridge toward the upper bout. It went in the case with the humidifier and was back to normal in a couple of days. The other guitars in the room were OK. Any similar experiences? (the cold weather snuck up on me this year. I usually keep sound hole humidifiers in all of them during the winter.)
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