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  1. More kitty pix - Getting to know that old Fender smell -
  2. One of our members, Reverend Dave, passed away on September 28th. Awesome guy. He left here maybe a year or two ago. His dad was born in the little town next to where I live. Nice guy. RIP.
  3. A physical therapist showed me one time how much stronger your hands are when they're near your breastbone, like the high-riding guys are, vs. away from your chest, like the low-riders do. I think that might be part of that whole thing.
  4. My 335 turned 10 this past Thursday.
  5. I actually like it up a little higher than some. I could go for the Buddy Whittington look, although I don't quite have a bench like his to rest it on -
  6. I usually stand with one foot up on some kind of amp or monitor or something. I keep the guitar hanging down real low so I have to try to get my body down low to get down there where the guitar is, but then the guitar goes lower and I crouch my head down to get even lower and strum on the neck cause I can't reach the bridge. I'm making progress. It's a journey. I'm going for the Keef look.
  7. We got a new kitty. Female, no name yet. We have three other cats and two dogs. So me and my wife are at the Farmer's Market this morning just before dawn setting up her EZ-Up. She sells figs and baked goods. She's all jammed in between this guy and that lady and we're all shifting our tents around to get set up and the guy is hogging his space really bad. So I ask him to shuffle over a little and the guy's all "Well, I didn't notice!!!!" I told the guy the lines are painted right there on the pavement. He's goes "I'm not intimidated by your behavior. I'm trying to make the most of my morning and you have exssssternal problems that you need to deal with that are getting in the way of you being a good person!"
  8. There must be something about Guitar Center. I was in there and played a Squire Jazzmaster a little, and went to hang it back up and clanked it into the guitar next to it, like a moron.
  9. I have those frets on an LP and they're very durable. It's probably just been played a lot.
  10. My buddy Mickey Curry was driving a red Fiero when he was drumming with Hall and Oates during that time. I never realized that they had an association with Pontiac.
  11. They should try selling shares of "Guitar Experience". Where you don't own a share of an actual guitar, just a share of the "experience" of a particular famous model guitar. You get a share of the fabulousness of all the rocking-out and wiener-grabbing grindage blasting thru a bunch of stacks. And a Certificate of Appreciation in a gig wallet. Fifty Dollars.
  12. Stella & Mollie - Karma & Vader -
  13. I doesn't say "Nincompoop" under my name anymore.
  14. I picked up some new iconic Gibson iron at the Guitar Center in Johnson City, TN today. I plinked on a Squire Jazzmaster a little, checked out the acoustic room - not too much there - and looked around. It's pretty decent. Not a ton of Gibsons in there. Anyway, check out the highlights on this gem -
  15. Had some losers cut my fence and try to rustle about 5 of my neighbor's cows off of my pasture. The neighbor has some cameras out there now.
  16. I'm not religious, but I believe they do celebrate. They actually call it a celebration of life. I've been to a few. You just don't think it's a celebration 'cause you're not religious like them. Double check my logic. I've already been dead once, and I've been working on this stuff, lol.
  17. I think they were doing laminated fretboards sometime during the "Not smart enough to be a crook" era. Something about finished vs unfinished rosewood blanks, 6mm vs. 12 mm thickneses & getting around some of the regulations they were just caught breaking.
  18. You should go into the correction business. Problem is, there's no real demand for that kind of thing.
  19. 😬 I get a facial tic when I think about those amps. Just the one on the left side.
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