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  1. Yes. I had that for maybe a year or so. I probably would have kept it, but it fed back so bad that I really couldn't use it except playing by myself. I sold it when I bought the LP, maybe? These things come and go...
  2. I think you ought to stay. Weed's legal for 2 weeks in VA and next thing you know y'all'uns are leaving....
  3. Bummer. The best part is hovering over the reactacons while I'm reading a post. It's like getting close to a cliff.
  4. Seems more likely that the previous owner changed them.
  5. 5 guitars. Telecaster, 335, Les Paul, SG. J45. I'm getting ready to trade the SG and the LP for something.
  6. Hey DemOOn. I remember you. Glad to see you became an engineer!
  7. Easy Hoss. The "all that for another year of scripts" thing wasn't literal. Some English major could explain it to you. They're giving him a basic cognition check. Don't worry about it, you'll do fine on yours. You know, there's a whole world out there between the lines that you guys are missing by yelling about your insecurities all the time. It's summer. Don't be a bummer. You can have ice cream if you're good.
  8. Roland Microcube, Peavey acoustic, Kalamazoo Model 1, Tennamp 1x15 Pro, Tennamp Tweedle Dee Deluxe, '74 Bassman 1x15 Combo, Tennamp Pro Jr., '78 Champ, '74 Deluxe Reverb, '66 Deluxe Reverb, '72 Princeton Reverb, Tennamp Reverb unit in rear. Leslie 125 not pictured. I have a '52 Gibson BR-6 basket case too.
  9. Call the Medicare Helpline!! No, not really. This policy covers about everything. My wife's had it for a couple years and it'll pay like $2300 worth of any dental, like $600 vision, no copay on Primary Care Dr's, $1 copay on scripts, like $3,000 max out-of pocket. It's a good policy if you're always in the shop for something, like me. Me and Blue Cross Blue Shield go way back...
  10. My medical premiums went from umpteen hundred to about $240.00 per month. The $240 includes $148 that they take from my SS check plus like $89. per month that I write them a check for. Blue Cross Blue Shield Diamond/Platinum/Uranium policy. 👍
  11. It's too bad I missed out on the JJ Walker Brand insurance. Maybe next time.
  12. I turned 65 today and my copay on 90 omeprozoles is $1. America, baby! Broke out the '66 Deluxe Reverb -
  13. If the guitar is new you should probably contact the dealer. That's how it's done. That may be why they're not bothering responding.
  14. I learned that when I put the egg wash on my wife's danishes, it works best to brush it on from the bottom up.
  15. Note to F Lee Forty - They don't have juries for that. And it's not a trial. And they don't have apostrophes in peoples names when they end in s. 😁
  16. Here's a schematic that I found that appears to be reasonably correct, if you ever need one -
  17. I was on a criminal jury once where we should have thrown the whole prosecutor's office and their expert doctor straight into jail after they closed their case. The poor defendant had been accused of sexual assault by his teenaged stepdaughter, the guy was obviously innocent as the new fallen snow and spent a year in jail awaiting trial. The stepdaughter was so effing obviously lying through her teeth that an infant could have been able to tell shy was lying. Got pissed at the stepdad for telling her to do chores so she accused him of sexual assault. The mom testified for the guy about wha
  18. Here it is, from publicly available sources, in a nutshell. Gibson had a bunch of woods procured illegally from India and/or Madagascar. They had sent their wood procurement guy over there poking around looking for "alternate" sources of ebony. After they got caught with the bad wood, Gibson paid a bunch of money in fines and donations to good guys and the FWS didn't prosecute any of the perps personally. Some of the wood got sent back to Gibson. Not the illegal wood, just the legal stuff that got confiscated. That's the public information. I speculated from the beginning that they
  19. You're a sore winner. You got sick with the thing and got lucky and now you're all huffing about how tough you are and how much a bunch of sissies everybody else is. You were part of the problem. Now you complain about people who are part of the solution. Get over it. Like I told my antivax friend, the idea is to get yourself to a place where you're head is back to where it was before the pandemic. Where you don't have to be all wanked about it, smearing some stuff you saw on TV on everything you walk past.
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