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  1. soo.. i have manufactured this primitive tool to try to read the serial number that is on the back of the pots: despite of the success of being able to see the back on the pot thru that plastic chunk of mirror, unfortunately there was no serial number visible at all, i tried to go for other pots as i could, and it was the same. i decided to check some pictures of how would look like a dismounted ES-175 harness and it seems the pots are enclosed inside "shielding cans" , and those shielding cans has no serial numbers on them. the only solution is to dismount everything , remove the shielding cans etc.. but that is something that i'm not motivated to do at all. if there is no other ways at all than that to find the made date i will stay as it, with having in mind this ES-175 was presumably manufactured in 1965 or 68
  2. oh my bad, you are right! it's 52.4mm for the ABR1 string spacing and 50mm on the current woodblock bridge that i have!, the difference of 2.4mm does matter, because i just feel more confy at playing .. the witchhats are pretty worn out, with gold insert and appear to be original, i'm a bit pissed because one of them has the "VOL." decal missing (it probably peeled off and was lost), and i just checked on ebay it is about $60-70 for an original one like that. :-( **** btw, i came up with another clue to get a more precise year when it was made, lately i have read about the "Gibson Serialization" and noticed that the serial number (500048 or 46) of my 175 corresponds to the "approximate serial range" of 500000-500999 - for years 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969 Let's presume, a guitar with a serial number 500001 would have been made in 1965 and another with a serial number of 500999 would have been made in 1969, i believe mine with last two digits 48 or 46 would be among the earliest ones that was probably made in 1965 in the first batch of 100 ! If it is a 1965 one, that would be really awesome.. as it could add about one more $1,000 on it's value :o) i still didn't check what reads the serial number on the back of the CTS pots.. but will definitely do that! , i really want to be sure.
  3. thats one nice 335! it has the same type of volume/tone knobs, definitely of around the same year make, and it is 2 tone orange-burst. are those kluson tuners original? because i see they are single ringed. the set of old Klusons i ordered already are double lined/ringed. -which corresponds to a slightly late design/model/year. :( -the problem is that could have a slight impact on the sale price (by $300-400) in case i sell it to some sharp-eyed / collectioneer / expert.. duh but that kind of thing is definitely not a problem for a player/enthusiast.
  4. Hey, thanks for the input. Uhm.. yea, that is what i was thinking, the way to know the approximate year made is to check what does the sn# says on the back of those CTS pots, but due to the nature of the instrument, going there and the whole dismounting process equals to a very delicate archeological type of cave excavation/exploration. I will stay away of that, and will consider it was made somewhere in between 1965-69 Regarding the tuners, definitely not original Kluson/tulips they used to put on a 175 of that year, i believe i have managed to find the make and origin of those and here i'm asnwering myself to my question: they would be Gibson Nickel/Chrome tulips of the 1970's coming from a LES PAUL / SG! and it is wrong to put those on an ES175, and i decided to get rid of those and give back to the guitar its original state. On the pic of the back of the headstock, you can still see the original holes left by the original Klusons! so i already managed to find a set of original Kluson/plastic tulips of late 1969/early 1970's - it was a pain to find, i was lucky to find a set for not too expensive, (because those usually are going for $250/300+ on ebay) The other thing that i will change (easy to do) is the bridge. That actual brazilian roose wood single block bridge has string spacing too narrow for me, i have mesured the string spacing at the bridge it is 500mm exactly, while standard string spacing is supposed to be of 524mm (specific to ABR-1), and an ABR-1 is what i'm going to put on it., Accordingly to what i had on a ES175 of 1991 i owned before, i prefer more character and brillance at the attacks and this is strict personal preference for my grouby fingers i'm more comfortable on a wider string spacing. - i presume, no harm will be done by swapping the wooden bridge for an abr1 and adjusting/setting up the harmonics accordingly. cheers.
  5. Hello So i picked up this ES-175D (thought to be made in 1969) it's general condition is very good for a guitar of this age and it was recently set up by an experienced luthier, it plays & sounds just amazing. The guitar and hardware appears to be all original, except the set of tuners you can see on the picture. They are not original tulip plastic ones but appear to be very old and they are coming from another Gibson, can somebody id what kind of tuners and year made are those ? thank you! And eventually, if i want to get original tuners (of about the same year), what those should be single line, double line etc ? According to the poorly visible serial number i could read (500046 or 500048), the guitar dater project shows it was made in 1965-69 Is there another way to precisely datate this guitar? The original flightcase is badly wornout, there is no gibson logo nowhere and it does really stink that "old" ceiling/cave. thanks for help.
  6. would be a true "tribute" if it's price matched those of 1952 ...
  7. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to order a custom model from Gibson ? I want an ES-175 with mahogany back and front body/table in black laquer finish, all the rest should match current gibson es-175 standards, maybe a different tailpiece , except for pickups id get some hand winded ones (ie: Lollar) whom i should send the inquiries to? gibson.com website is partially broken , haven't really seen anything like "custom order" thanks
  8. tsol

    what SG i got ?

    hi i have scored this SG last week, Guitar Dater Project says it is of 1991. It's color looks to be an Heritage Cherry, but what i'm looking to know is it a "Standard" , "Special" or ... ? What kind of pickups it got etc, thanks for help. also, as it is being my first SG, there is something that i feel wrong with it: Compared to all my other guitars: (strat, tele, flying v, tokai les paul, es345, es175) this SG guitar lacks significantly of basses , attack and presence. I tried to raise the neck pickup without that much of success... this is really strange, or is this type of.. uhh "weak" sound is very specific to all SG's ?? or it is maybe just me? lol thanks in advance oh and btw, check this out, (below) i would have never thought an SG would sound like that! :) Johny "Guitar" Watson - Ta Ta My Baby (blues - live)
  9. I got an ES-175 of 1991, it is ... efffff an outstanding guitar.; mahogany back. And more recently i picked up a Gibson SG Standard, Cherry Heritage finish of 1991 , it is as well awesome... now i would need some good Les Paul Standard and a Flying V from the same period.
  10. Hi Any specialists out there can give their opinion on the early 1990's made Gibson guitars ? We are close to reach the 20 years of age for Gibson guitars produced in early 90's. I've heard from various guitar store owners talking about an increasing demand for early 90's made Les Paul's , what makes them so "special" ? Would be that the best period of post-vintage / modern era ? Yet it is difficult to find used strats and teles from the early 90's under $1.000 .... thanks
  11. dang.. i realize that's one strange piece of guitar i got here, i will be mostly playing it through guitar racks and preamps using a speaker cabinet simulation unit Palmer PGA-04 , because thats how i play and record all my other guitars.. i bet im gonna have lots of fun trying to figure out how i can get the best of the sound from the ES-375... maybe i will end up wiring it as a traditionnal ES-335, ripping off the Varitone too.. but that will be the latest options, i dont want to massacre this guitar. i believe this guitar must be sounding incredible using a true 2 channels amp (ie: Fender Pro Reverb 1965.. etc)... i wont be able to use it like that as none of my guitar pre amps and racks has a 2 channels feature.. they are all mono and im using an LA-610SE studio preamp to warm up the signal prior to tracking the guitar, which is mono.. its one bummer of a situation tho. a question: how i can obtain that type of tone? Little Milton - My Dog And Me (live 1995, Jazz Festival - Bern) it sounds a bit dry and clean at the begining when the guy plays it with the volume knob turned down, but it will scream the sweet hell when the solo part comes up.. its incredible. will my walnut sound like that if im using a decent amp, and maybe some vintage Ibanez TubeScreamer pedal? :D and btw, the price i paid my 1974 Walnut is about $2.000 i was lucky to pick it up from some guitarist friend and not some guitar store crooks or speculators.. its 100% stock condition, except the stop bar.. i think that was fair, no? :D i just saw EXACTLY the same guitar (but with a Trapeze tail piece) of the SAME year at the guitar center store manhattan , priced at $3.599, plus it had very visible CRACKS on the body and some scratches.. mine is nearly mint.. :D/
  12. ES345, that's one true relic you got there... and i believe it must be priced with 2500% of inflation nowdays! :) sometimes i wish i was born much more eaerlier.. :) lol anyways, here is what i got today for my ES345 walnut, i think it will do the job:
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